‘New Look’ Rio and Picanto for 2010 August 5th, 2009

By Michael Choo
Deputy General Manager, Overseas Communication Team

The design revolution at Kia Motors continues. On the heels of the successful introduction of all-new vehicles such as the Soul, Cerato (Forte) and Cerato (Forte) Koup, images of the 2010 model year Rio and Picanto – Kia’s two popular subcompact offerings – have been circulating on the web.

Small styling changes to Picanto will give it a ‘fresh face’, with exterior enhancements including two-tone bumper and waistline body color molding as standard. The Sports Pack features the signature family-look Kia grille and sportier front/rear bumpers and side sill molding. The 2010 Picanto will also be available in a new exciting color – Lime – and 15” black flower alloy wheels are offered as an option.

Meanwhile, the interior features from a new four-spoke steering wheel, new instrument cluster and improved seat trims. Equipment changes will highlight the greater differences between the LX, EX and Sport variants for 2010.

Like the Picanto, the 2010 Rio’s cabin will feature a new steering wheel and cluster, plus a new centre stack and a ‘shift-up’ indicator to aid economical driving, which will also be enhanced by the fitting of electric power steering. A new-look nose treatment will introduce Kia’s ‘signature grille’, together with new headlamps, fog lamps and front bumper. The 2010 Rio also features a wind rear diffuser similar to that on the Cerato (Forte) Koup.

Check out the image gallery below to see the exterior styling changes of the 2010 Picanto & Rio.

Full details of the upgraded 2010 Kia Picanto and Kia Rio model ranges will be revealed closer to their ‘on sale’ dates.

  • You need to sell the Picanto in the U.S.. I would buy one for my work car.

  • Geoff

    Thanks for the information. As I am a 2008 hatch owner I was interested to see the new Rio pictures (we do not have the Picanto here in Australia). The 2010 Rio looks good, could we see some more pictures of this car.

  • HyundaiSmoke

    That Picanto wouldnt be ready for US Sale until the Net Gen Version. It needs at least 90-100 HP. That Hyundai 1.4L would be a nice powertrain to consider in a Potential US Picanto.

    Guys no more Rio Sedans please? Iam begging ya!!!! They never looked right, and I dont expect you guys to make a good looking one anytime soon. Not to be insulting, but the Rio should have the 3 and 5 door Models, the Rio 3 door should be the cheapest car in America. The Rio is more reliable than the Honda Fit/Jazz and you should compete with that car and the Fiesta in the US.

    The Accent should have 4 and 5 door models, with the Veloster as the Sporty Version. The 4 Door Accent should be like the Veloster Concept, with smaller rear opening doors like: ala-Saturn Ion Coupe. The Five door model should be the size of an MPV. Both Accent models should be built to compete with MINI and those small Audis on the way to the US.

  • It doesn’t need that mush power for what it was meant for. I have owned cars from as low as a Geo Metro to a Mustang. 60-70hp would be fine. If you want more power then get a Sport car or Luxury car. I have both a Luxury car and a Eco box. KIA can afford to put a 60hp Picanto here they already have higher powered cars available. One with over 300hp and as low as 110hp. But you have to consider weight also. Since the Picanto is light weight 60-70hp would be like having 125hp in a Rio which is coming soon too.

  • Haleewood
  • Thanks Michael for your images and imformation,
    This job is in its right time

  • HyundaiSmoke

    ky-sephia, what I’m saying is the next gen A Segment cars will have about 90-100 HP. Some of them are over that like the FIAT 500 or Audi A1 (It would be nice for KIA to do something like that), and some of them are still at 60 HP, but the leaders in the pack like the Toyota Aygo, VW Lupo, etc…. are pushing close to 80HP already.

  • mack

    When will the US get the picanto?
    we need cool econoboxs.

  • My Rio is 97 horsepower already (stock) 1.4 DOHC

  • When will the Indonesia get the new picanto 2010?

  • Colin

    Hello Majron,

    2010 Picanto has been shipped to Indonesia in this month. You will see the Picanto soon!

  • you have the coolest compact sedans ever have. i own a 2010 rio and it really fits my style. the need for speed and the jazzy look and nice audio, (perhaps you missed the usb port) keep up the good work guys.

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  • no more criticism for the rio 2120 please. i have one and it is very fuel efficient and fits for putting some accessories

  • dOck

    *2010 RIO

  • Fauzi

    When will the 2010 Kia Picanto be out in Singapore? I’m hoping to get that as my first car! Something small and easy to use for a relatively new driver.

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  • Soloman

    When will the Picanto be available in America? The next gen version would be great – currently the closest competitor you would have in the US is the Smart Fortwo. We have a photo of the Picanto at our dealership, and customers comment on it all the time. We get a lot of requests for pick up trucks, too.

  • Ian Barnes

    I have just ordered the 2010 Kia Rio Graphite diesel for the UK. I note that in an article for the 2010 Kia Rio by Micheal Choo, he says that electric power steering will be among the things included in the new spec for the Kia Rio. Can anyone confirm whether or not this is included in the UK market model?

    Also, still not sure how the interior of the car is trimmed, e.g. seat colour etc. Can anyone update me on this as well please as the dealer is a bit vague about this.

  • Ian enobio

    I’m hoping there will be a new kia picanto model 2010 releasein the philippines, I love this cute car and i want to own one.

  • Pillay

    This car is beautiful but to get parts is a major problem in S>A.Bought a car in Feb 2010 ,Had an accident in mar 2010 to date still waiting for parts.Kia s.a not interested in customer service.!

  • I like the Picanto a lot but it’s starting to look a bit long in the tooth now. Especially when you see how modern the rest of the Kia range is looking. Maybe something along the lines of the i10?

    My wife owns one by the way and she loves it.

  • Jimmy

    Got my new Kia Picanto 2010 last month. No complaints about the performance, I enjoyed driving around Dublin City… So economical. I save 20 euro every time I fill up petrol compare to my previous car.

  • I am not really sure what all is included in the 7 year extended warranty in UK? Does it include the maintenance cost of all the services for 7 years or just the cost of spares? I do not think that availability of parts is a challenge in Manchester, though I may be wrong.Looking for some answers before gifting it to family this christmas.

  • Nice website! I want to create a header like the one you have.. great job bro!

  • jody

    does yrs have central locking?