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“Connect your life”: Kia & LG Design Collaboration Project May 20th, 2011

What would it be like if cars and IT devices were to meet in the future? This question was the basis of the collaborative project carried out by the Kia Design Center, LG Electronics Inc. and the MC Design Lab. The project worked towards creating a new direction for new UX (User Experience) design and the use of IT products in smart cars.

Bora Yu, a UI (User Interface) designer

“The advantage of ‘mobile’ is portability. We wanted to make drivers feel comfortable both inside and outside of the car by providing a detachable tablet PC on the front center fascia and the rear console. Therefore, drivers and passengers can feel they are part of a “smart environment” and IT users can maintain consistency in their usage of technology both in and out of the car,” said Bora Yu, a UI designer.

Main Menu

In addition to navigation and media player features, the tablet PC provides a variety of ubiquitous services like car examination, weather information, mobile device charging, parking information and more

In addition, users can more easily obtain various outside information from inside the car with new IT technology such as a transparent video screen; the Storming Display Cluster; next generation, eco-friendly LEDs and TOLED (Transparent Organic Light-Emitting Diode).

Through this collaborative design project, the companies’ design labs were able to present a futuristic interface for smart car users, provide a fun user experience and propose an innovative, futuristic design concept.

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