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2010 Kia Forte National Press Introduction wave two June 16th, 2009

By Kia Motors America Public Relations

The Kia Forte compact sedan national press introduction has just come to an end with wave two journalists departing Seattle. Much like wave one, media during the second leg of the event had the opportunity to experience the all-new Forte compact sedan while taking in the breathtaking scenery of the Pacific Northwest and local flavor of Seattle.

Media including MSN Autos, Road & Track, Philadelphia Inquirer and Intellichoice got an in-depth look into all aspects of the compact sedan. With the chance at more than four hours drive time, journalists were highly complimentary of the newest member to the Kia family, with particular appreciation for Forte’s spirited handling and clean, sweeping lines.




  • HyundaiSmoke

    Why cant we get these suggestions done:

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  • Colin

    Hi HyundaiSmoke,

    Thanks for your advice to Kia BUZZ! We are trying the best to support the customers’ needs and we will do further!
    People’s interest and love make Kia BUZZ editorial team excited and pleasant.
    We will serve more interesting posts for the bloggers who visit Kia BUZZ.

    Thank you!