2011 KIA LOTOS RACE: the Year’s Speediest Event May 27th, 2011

Launched in April for the first time, the 2011 KIA LOTOS RACE is the first all-national contest in Poland designed to seek young and talented drivers. Thousands of motor sports aficionados will be given an exciting chance of success in car racing competition. Most promising candidates will be trained by Kia Motors Polska under supervision of professionals including Tomasz Kuchar (a 2010 Rally Champion of Poland in Manufacturer’s Team Division, a 2009 Vice Rally Champion of Poland in General Classification and a 2009 Champion of Poland in Super 2000 Division) while the contest winner will be offered keys to a race-prepared Kia Picanto and an invitation to compete in the 2012 Kia Picanto Cup.

Kia Motors Polska (KMP) has long been known for the ability to set ambitious goals for the company to achieve, followed by determination to realize them successfully. KMP had some time ago decided to promote the company and the brand through motorssports and went to organize two subsequent series of racing cup competition which became a spectacular success over the last five years. During the finals of the Kia Lotos Cup run on both local and European scale in 2010, the organizers announced continuation of the Kia Cup in 2012. Young drivers will have another opportunity to join the world of racing − this time from the all-new Kia Picanto perspective. Yet KMP could not afford to leave the current year unmarked with regard to the company’s involvement in promoting motorsports and traffic safety in line with providing an opportunity to start a racing adventure to young and ambitious people.

2011 KIA LOTOS RACE is an unique and unprecedented Polish project aimed at finding “young driving talents at the steering wheel” among the amateur crowd and reward the winner with a chance to enter the 2012 Kia Picanto Cup. Participants must be 16 to 25 years of age and willing to compete with all other Picanto aspiring drivers. All that is required to get this dream come true is winning the 2011 KIA LOTOS RACE − the first and probably the most difficult race in the beginner’s path of career.
The rivalry starts with the candidates’ registration at www.kialotosrace.pl to check their expertise vs. various motor sport issues, including questions referring to the world of motorsports, theoretical and real-life knowledge and online skill testing − followed by classes on practical go-kart driving.
For years, karting has been both a perfect school and an important step in the racing career for many of would-be champions. So if an apprentice proves quick enough on one of 21 selected go-kart tracks in Poland − he or she will have a chance to advance to one of six karting finals attended by some 200 contenders and directly fight for victory during professional karting race. The podium winners from each regional final will join the elite member group of the 2011 KIA LOTOS RACE School for exclusive coaching on car racing and other subjects by Tomasz Kuchar and his team of professionals. Activities will be held at the Rallyland Training Resort, a perfect place for comprehensive educational and competition programs.

In addition to theoretical and practical aspects of car racing, all finalists will be invited for a physical check-up and attend media/psychological training, inclusive of lectures on road traffic safety. Once the training is completed, a 2012 racing season-prepared Kia Picanto will be awarded to the 2011 KIA LOTOS RACE winner following the verdict of the specially-appointed Jury.

Thanks to Kia Motors Polska, the door to the car racing world is open yet again for the young aficionados who wish to start their professional racing career. LOTOS OIL SA, a leading Polish petroleum company is the Kia’s strategic partner for this project with partnerships confirmed also by PZU insurance company, a long-time promoter of road safety in Poland and Santander Consumer Bank. Caroli Karts is the supplier of go-karts for regional finals and the entire project is supported by Road Traffic Department of the Polish National Police Headquarters.

The 2011 Kia LOTOS RACE project has received an extensive media coverage. In the first four weeks, more than 150,000 people visited the www.kialotosrace.pl website while more than 9,000 people participated in virtual tests to qualify for the Round Two of the contest. The 2011 KIA LOTOS RACE fan page gained more than 2,100 fans during just four weeks. And this is just the beginning….

  • This is my kind of racing I love to see micro car racing its not really about the speed its definitely about the excitement of a short wheel base car eating up turns. I wish I could be a part of this!

  • This is my kind of racing I love to see micro car racing its not really about the speed its definitely about the excitement of a short wheel base car eating up turns. I wish I could be a part of this!