3D Effects for Cadenza Ad April 30th, 2010

Dae Jung Kim By Dae Jung Kim
Account Executive
Overseas Communications Team 2

Kia has unveiled its latest model under the name Cadenza for global markets. (Cadenza is a musical term which means an elaborate solo passage introduced near the end of an aria or a movement of a concerto.) With its stylish design, Cadenza generated keen interest when it was introduced as a concept car (code named VG).

As the successor to Amanti/Opirus, Cadenza is Kia’s flagship sedan boasting high technology and dynamic performance. After much deliberation, it was decided that holograms would be the best device to convey Cadenza’s strengths in a TV commercial. Along with their high-tech touch, holograms were an ideal match for the unique selling points of Cadenza, namely ‘light guide’, ‘mood lighting’ and its ‘welcome light’.

In the storyboard, light streaks appearing from the sky embrace the star of the ad and transform into a Cadenza which then races off. The highlight of the commercial is the dazzling 3D effect. Costs for this commercial were probably higher than any other ad produced by Kia due to the 3D effects. An even bigger issue was the long rendering time required for each 3D design and revision. As you can imagine, trying to stay on schedule for each presentation was a challenge.

Thanks to the dedication of everyone involved, the commercial is now complete and began airing in the Middle East on April 10. If you happen to travel to the Middle East, you might catch a glimpse of the ads for yourself and the response it generates from local viewers. If you’re not travelling there any time soon, you can watch the ad below!

  • eunmi

    I am looking forward to the new model ‘cadenza’.
    3D effect of the ad is interesting~~^^

  • Anthony

    What and where is the blue building with the white structure? It’s amazing!

  • Wow, never like Kia, but you gotta respect that look on a car. Looks like it could do some serious burning on the roads.

  • Is that really important?

  • Patrick

    hyundai/kia or koreans in general really like shooting in australia dont they? i remember another advert which was shot in sydney as well but cant remember which car it was for… also theres an insurance ad in korea which was shot in melbourne haha…

  • Great seo information,I have bookmarked this site for future and will keep a eye on your other postings. , Ohhh what do you all think about 3d tv?

  • C. L. Smith

    When is the cardanza going to be offered for sale? I have contacted the local kia dealer and they know nothing about the new model. I am interested in seeing and driving the vehicle as it looks attractive and unique. Please respond when it will be availble. thanks.

    c. l. smith

  • Stephenhall46097

    when and if cadenza is coming to australia