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6-speed automatic/manual transmission for all-new Sportage September 17th, 2010

The Sportage is ahead of the pack in terms of environmental friendliness and economic value thanks to the Lambda II 6-speed automatic transmission that boasts diverse variations, Theta II 6-speed automatic transmission and Mu 6-speed manual transmission for R-engine. Now let’s find out more about the transmissions that are enhancing the fun of driving Kia’s new generation of vehicles.

The Lambda II 6-speed automatic transmission was specifically developed for the eco-friendly passenger diesel R-2.0 liter engine and the Theta II 6-speed automatic transmission for the Theta II 2.0/2.4 liter engines.

Compared to 6-speed automatic transmissions offered by our peers, the Lambda II 6-speed automatic transmission partners up with the environmentally friendly diesel R-engine to provide 20% greater fuel efficiency of 15.4km/ℓ (2WD). It’s able to go from 0→100 kph in just 9.6 seconds (2WD) and from 60→100 kph in 5.1 seconds (2WD), which are 21% and 24% faster than the average of our competitors.

Additionally, the Theta II 6-speed automatic transmission clocks in at 10.6 seconds (2WD) and 6.2 seconds (2WD) for 0→100 kph and 60→100 kph, respectively, with a commendable fuel efficiency performance of 11.7km/ℓ (2WD).

The Lambda II 6-speed automatic transmission has secured the world’s highest allowable torque of 45 kgf∙m among front wheel drive automatic transmissions in the same class to provide an alternative solution for high-torque engines (allowable torque for the Theta II 6-speed automatic transmission is 31 kgf∙m).

Countless hours of research went into reducing the weight and number of parts while also shortening the length of the transmission to produce such stellar results.

The Lambda II 6-speed automatic transmission was able to shed 12 kg compared to the previous 5-speed automatic transmission. The number of parts decreased by 62 while the length of the transmission was shortened by 41 mm, allowing engineers to achieve three feats of improving fuel efficiency and performance while also reducing weight.

Furthermore, the new application of an ultra flat torque converter (which transmits the engine’s driving power to the vehicle) resulted in a more compact package, while the 4-pinion differential gear enhanced durability and the hydraulic deviation control valve body improved shift quality to allow smoother shifting.
Now, let’s move on to the Mu 6-speed manual transmission which is geared towards drivers who enjoy a more active driving experience. The Mu 6-speed manual transmission was developed as a front wheel drive transmission that is ideal for the environmentally-friendly, high-performance diesel R-engine.

The Mu 6-speed manual transmission reduced weight through the unique arrangement of the gear train while a new grinding method decreased noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) such as gear noise which is commonly found in conventional manual transmissions.

Additionally, the application of a multi-cone synchronizer improved the gear shift handling ability and reduced the jamming sensation during shifting. The control system is also comprised of an independent shift and select lever which does not cause additional friction and thus promotes smoother shifting.

The latest concentric slave cylinder (CSC) clutch control system transfers hydraulic power from the clutch pedal directly to the clutch cover in order to eliminate inconveniences when the driver is pressing down on the pedal.

The allowable torque was raised by 50% to 38.0 kgf∙m compared to the previous 5-speed. At the same time, the size of the transmission shrank to 380 mm
The diverse cutting-edge transmissions of the Sportage demonstrate thoughtful consideration for drivers and offer superior driving performance.

※ Editor’s note: All figures from the post are Korean domestic standard.

  • Hello I am selling the kia in Portugal since 2005 love the brand, but I’m sad because I have not got the new kia Sportage to sell, I’ve had the pleasure of seeing and being inside a small tour in Spain I did, but has not yet reached the Partugal: (
    i Like to know more about the KIA
    Kia my life

  • Struan

    Is the all new 2011 Kia sportshift 6 speed
    transmission that is found in the new sportage a dual clutch dsg type system? Has anyone experienced it, and what is it like.

  • Panis

    I was wondering whether there is a plan for Kia Sportage 1.6 to come with automatic transmission.

  • Kemalsozuner

    Please make a 1.6 automatic

  • georgia

    hello! do you know if Kia is planning on making a 1.6 automatic??