7 Summer Car Care Tips August 14th, 2012

This summer has been a scorcher in certain regions of the globe, and many of you know tough weather conditions can be harsh on automobiles, so Kia-Buzz wants to give its readers 7 tips on how to maintain your cars during the grueling summer season.

1. Cover your car

Although we may want to wear fewer layers in the summer, our cars need extra clothing.

Use a reflective sunshade to protect your car’s interior from excessive heat and sun damage.
Apply quality vinyl or leather protectant on your dashboard and seats to guard from discoloration.Always remember not to leave explosive objects in your vehicle like a lighter!

2. Sunglasses for your car?

Tint your windows. Make sure the type of tint material can block out ultraviolet rays. We realize there are rules according to your state/country, so we advise you to do this in accordance with your local laws.

3. Check your battery

Check your battery’s fluid level. If it’s near depletion, you need to fill it with distilled water. Note that not all models require water supply.

4. Top off coolant

Top off the radiator coolant tank whenever needed. Slowly open the cap with caution because the pressure inside the tank might be high. Give your car at least an hour to cool down.

Did you know?

If your car is exposed to strong sunshine, the temperature inside the car can rise to over 50°C

(122° F) in less than 10 minutes.


5. Monitor Tire Pressure

Use a tire gauge to monitor your car’s tire pressure and make sure you do this after the sunset since tire pressure rises during the daytime due to increased temperature.

6. Wash and Wax the Car

Wash and wax your car to remove heat-absorbing dirt and oxidation.

7. Get regular service

Take your car to a service center for scheduled maintenance before something big happens.

Stay cool, safe and prepared with these car care and regular maintenance tips.

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  • I wish that they have a better service center in Saudi Arabia, cause not only me a lot of people who have KIA cars are complaining about their bad services :(