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A car that creates forests – BORREGO May 20th, 2008

Kyehwan RohBy Kyehwan Roh
Assistant Manager
Sustainability Management Team

We are currently facing a global issue threatening our planet’s future: Global Warming.  Recognizing that climate change as a serious problem, Kia Motors is making progress in sustainable development through its R&D initiatives to develop new vehicles with lower emission levels.

By maximizing efficiency with each new vehicle we develop, we are significantly reducing exhaust emissions over the same distance traveled.

Borrego (also known as “Mohave”), launched earlier this year domestically and set for overseas sales in the summer, was developed by incorporating Kia’s environmentally-friendly product technologies.  It emits less CO2, a major contributor to global warming, than existing models after being driven for 30,000 kilometers.  The reduction in CO2 after traveling 150,000 km will be 1.2 tons per vehicle compared to existing cars.  That is equivalent to the amount of CO2 absorbed by 100 fully grown pine trees in a year.


Borrego also helps to minimize its impact on the environment through waste reduction and resource recycling.  The dismantling time is 21% shorter than existing cars, which facilitates recycling and reuse of end-of-life cars, enhancing its dismantling potential by 34%.

To respond to climate change, Kia Motors will continue its efforts in developing environmentally friendly products and carrying out life cycle assessment (LCA) for future cars, while disclosing the information to customers.

* Dismantling potential: A dismantling index of a car is calculated based on comprehensive and objective data such as the dismantling time and number of joined parts. (The higher the index, the easier to dismantle.)

* Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is a methodology for quantifying and assessing the environmental impact of a product throughout its entire life cycle from production and usage to disposal. It was standardized in the ISO 14040 series in 1997.

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