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A Closer Look at the Kia Quoris April 30th, 2013

As Kia’s luxury flagship sedan by Kia Motors, Kia Quoris is a game-changer that pushes the horizons of its segment. It invites drivers to experience what we call “New Luxury,” a breakaway and brand new take of what it means in modern terms – feature rich technology. Passionate attention has been paid to the finer details including innovative, high-tech touches that enhance both Kia Quoris’ functionality and aesthetic allure. In addition to providing a dynamic driving experience never before seen in a Kia, Kia Quoris employs high-strength steel throughout the chassis to ensure a higher level of protection against collisions. Take a closer look at Kia Quoris and learn about the luxurious features rare in its class.

LED High-Mounted Stop Lamp

The elongated horizontal shape of the high-mounted brake lamp not only blends seamlessly with Quoris’ stylish rear design but also offers maximum visibility for trailing motorists.


Puddle Lamps & Pocket Lights

Innovative puddle lamps under the side mirrors illuminate the ground for better visibility when approaching and exiting the vehicle at night while convenient pocket lights under the door handles aid vehicle access in the dark.


Solar Glass

Featuring a thin film that reflects solar heat and blocks harmful UV rays, the solar glass used for Quoris’ windows not only keeps you and your passengers cooler on hot summer days but also protects the cabin interior from damage caused by the sun.


Power Door Latch

The mark of a truly luxury sedan is maximum convenience with minimal effort. The actuator motor built into the door latch automatically finishes closing the door in the event that it is not fully shut.


Safety Power Trunk

Featuring electric-power closing and opening capability, the trunk lid will instantly reverse and open when an obstruction to proper closing of the trunk is detected.



Tilt and Slide Sunroof

Enjoy the fresh air and rejuvenating sunshine with this powered privacy glass sunroof. For added safety, it detects obstructions and automatically reverses direction to prevent injury.

To get the most tangible feeling of having a Kia Quoris in your driveway, here’s a video for you to enjoy.


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