Join Kate and Lee for ‘A Good Vibe’ June 6th, 2017


‘A Good Vibe’ is Kia’s music collaboration project that showcases up and coming musicians, and we’re back with two talented singer-songwriters as they take over the city with their sweet and upbeat tunes.




Kate Kim, a singer from California and Lee Radde, a musician and entertainer from Minnesota, have partnered up for this delightful spring music collaboration. Having worked together in the past, the two artists radiate a synergy that translates wonderfully in their duet performances.

Kate and Lee showcase their bright and colorful energy in their two original songs ‘I Don’t Wanna Go’ and ‘Ode to Dreaming.’ With a sweet, lighthearted melody and catchy beat, the duo share their experience and opinions on love, creativity, freedom and dreaming.



The music video clips, accompanied the all-new Kia Picanto and Rio, also capture this vibrant and lively sentiment as Kate and Lee drive around the urban landscape displaying the dynamic vibes and exciting potential of city life made possible with Kia. Featuring picturesque and awe-inspiring shots of the cityscape, fans will be able to enjoy and experience a day in the life of the two aspiring stars. 





The songs brought to you by this hip and trendy duo are just perfect to get you out of the cold-weather blues and ready for adventures in the sun. Check out the behind-the-scenes footage below and tell us what you think about this feel good collaboration. Stay tuned for more music from ‘A Good Vibe’!



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