A Moment of Zen – Kia Borrego NPI July 18th, 2008

By Amy Taylor
Public Relations Manager, Kia Motors America

It is a perfect day with the sound of the water rushing by and the wind in your face.  It is a moment of total relaxation kayaking on the Columbia River. You can recreate this moment of Zen while driving back to the Suncadia Resort in a Kia Borrego with all of the windows down and the sunroof open (or just the air conditioning turn on) and blasting Sirius Satellite Radio Channel Spa 73, the new wave station.  Okay, I’ll admit it is not quite the same thing but with the Sirius Satellite Radio standard in all 2009 Kia Borregos you’re bound to find a channel that will help you find your moment of Zen.  Yes, you read it right, Sirius Satellite Radio is standard on all Kia Borregos along with a three-month free trial subscription so you can explore what Sirius has to offer from the moment you get inside a Borrego for the first time.  Sirius offers something for everyone from talk radio and jazz standards to the latest rock and pop hits.

Borrego LX comes with a six-speaker audio system while the EX trim level comes with a 10 speaker Infinity audio system for the ultimate Zen experience or to just rock out.

Speaking of rocking out, Infinity has been quite a hit this week not only in the Borregos but also as the host of the NPI’s hospitality house.  Each evening the house has been full of journalists relaxing and enjoying the music played on the Infinity stereo system.  When not listening to the music they have been attempting to make some music of their own.  The popular video game Rock Band has been putting the journalists and the Infinity audio system to the test.  While Infinity has passed with flying colors, many of our journalists are going to have to go home and practice their Rock Band skills before the next NPI.

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    I have test driven the borrego twice and am waiting for the limited to make a purchase. Any word on when the limited will reach east coast dealers this fall? Thanks,


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