About Kia BUZZ

Hello there.  Welcome to Kia BUZZ.

Kia BUZZ is Kia’s official blog for sharing information on Kia vehicles, news, information and opinions.  Kia BUZZ is written by a wide range of Kia experts and management from across the organization to help bring Kia closer to its customers, industry opinion leaders and car enthusiasts.

In order to help you enjoy Kia-BUZZ at its fullest, here is some information for you.


Kia-BUZZ’s Goal

• Kia Motors wants to create a two way communication community, an environment where all members of the media, customers, bloggers, journalists, automotive enthusiasts, consumers and even the “competition” around the world can share and discuss Kia’s products, brand and marketing activities.


Kia BUZZ Guidelines

• Kia BUZZ supports the Blogger’s Code of Ethics as posted in www.cyberjournalist.net.  We will abide by the three main principles of the Bloggers Code of Ethics and thereby “be honest and fair, minimize harm and be accountable.”

• In particular, we strictly prohibit any postings that:
1) contain incorrect or misleading information about Kia
2) praise Kia in an extraordinary way
3) disclose confidential information about Kia’s business
4) slander Kia and other stakeholders


Comments and Track Back Policy

In order to be more transparent, the blog accepts and encourages comments and facilitates track backs.  All relevant and appropriate comments will be posted after being reviewed by the blog editing group within their official working hours. However, as a rule, the following items will not be posted on the blog:
• Off-topic materials
• Rude or wasteful language
• Implicit or explicit invasion of privacy
• Anything with a potential for libel or slander
• Product suggestions
• Spam-links to other websites

Please refer to the following Comment Policy for more information.

Comment Policy: Kia BUZZ promotes open communications between members of the blog through a comment policy.  In order to protect against off-topic, spam and abusive comments, all comments will be reviewed before being posted on the blog.  Please note that Kia BUZZ appreciates your participation and understanding. Thank you.


Customer Service

KMC is focused on producing the highest quality products as well as in providing the best customer service.  However, Kia BUZZ is not the channel to communicate legal issues, complaints or suggestions about Kia products and services.  If you have a comment regarding your Kia vehicle and ownership experience, please contact our Customer Service team.

Further Disclosures:
• This blog has been developed to reach an international audience, and we will continue to explore and consider other feasible ways to allow us to communicate with all as many of our customers and stakeholders as possible.  For the time being, the content of the blog will be posted in English.
• In order to achieve our goal to become closer to our customers and stakeholders throughout the world, some of the postings will be written in Korean then translated into English for a wider international audience.


About Kia Motors Corporation

Kia Motors Corporation (www.kia.com) – a maker of quality vehicles for the young-at-heart – was founded in 1944 and is Korea’s oldest manufacturer of motor vehicles. Over 3 million Kia vehicles a year are produced in 10 manufacturing and assembly operations in five countries which are then sold and serviced through a network of distributors and dealers covering around 180 countries. Kia today has around 49,000 employees worldwide and annual revenues of nearly US$45 billion. It is the major sponsor of the Australian Open and an official automotive partner of FIFA – the governing body of the FIFA World Cup™. Kia Motors Corporation’s brand slogan – “The Power to Surprise” – represents the company’s global commitment to surprise the world by providing exciting and inspiring experiences that go beyond expectations.

Lastly, after reading these Kia BUZZ rules, if you come across an error or have a suggestion, please email the editors of Kia BUZZ as we welcome your feedback.

Thank you for your interest and your visit.


Kia BUZZ Editing Group