Action Speaks Louder than Words October 20th, 2011

We frequently see car ads featuring sleek and powerful looking SUVs roaming the concrete jungle of the city or a devastatingly dry, sandy desert. Kia Sorento doesn’t just claim it can drive in the harshest road conditions – it proved it with its own Dakar Rally adventure last December.

You would be surprised to know that the Sorento has a long history when it comes to testing in real off-road conditions. The Sorento has participated in the USA’s toughest off-road racing series, the six-round SCORE Desert Racing Series, which is considered one of the most difficult sports events in the world.
However, many drivers have a special corner in their racing hearts for the Dakar Rally, an international event that began in 1979. It is a race track that challenges drivers to finish the route with a single production vehicle equipped with only road tires.

Alexandre Correia and Paulo Calisto, editor and photographer of the automotive magazine Todo Terreno, wanted to test out the Kia Sorento with a special goal to finish the infamous Dakar Rally before the official race. After completing two weeks of driving, both drivers developed a new love for the Sorento, claiming it was very comfortable and that they experienced only one flat tire.
Their expedition was used as a marketing story in Portugal, drawing interest from car enthusiasts and customers. The fantastic pictures they took while driving the rally were displayed in the dealership with a replica of the Sorento.

Why not test out your own Sorento for an extreme drive this weekend? Find out for yourself how comfortable and stable the Sorento can be even on the toughest terrain.

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