All eyes on Kia October 30th, 2009

Michael ChooBy Michael Choo
Deputy General Manager
Overseas Communication Team

For those of you that missed it, Kia Motors was featured last week in a globally broadcasted CNN segment that highlighted our recent dramatic growth amidst the ongoing economic downturn that has been buoyed by our innovative marketing strategies.

Live on-location filming with a CNN international crew headed by anchor Kristie Lu Stout was conducted at Kia’s main shipping port in Pyeongtaek as part of CNN’s week-long “Eye on South Korea” special report.


CNN anchor Kritie Lu Stout broadcasts live to millions of viewers around the world from the roof of the administration building at Kia’s port in Pyeongtaek, South Korea.

Mirroring Kia’s continued steady rise up the global automotive rankings, media coverage has also grown both in terms of quantity and quality, and this latest CNN feature is a great example of just how far Kia has come in the eyes of our global stakeholders.

Click on the link below to have a look at the story on Kia’s success in the US that ran with the CNN segment.

  • HyundaiSmoke

    When are you guys going to partner with Hyundai and do the next Fast abd Furious Picture?

  • MIchael Choo

    Hi HS,

    No word on that but perhaps something fast and furious you might be interested in will be made public by Kia Motors America on Tuesday the 3rd…

  • david

    mr choo is pyeongtoek port where most kia,s are sent from ? i am a kia fan thru and thru i have a 2001 rio hatch i hav,nt put a spanner on it just the normal services it is a wonderful car every 5,ooo klm,s it gets a service will be updating to a new kia in the near future well done on the cerato koup it is a fantastic looking car and also the new sorento kia is getting a good name in australia well done regards david

  • gunther

    anything new on the nov3 announcement?

    will place myself on your newsletter page…gladly.

    annyeonghi gyeseyo