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All-new Kia cee’d Design Story – Exterior (Part I) November 26th, 2012

Kia’s all new cee’d premiered at the Geneva Motor Show this past March and quickly captured the attention of automobile enthusiasts worldwide with its enhanced design. The cee’d is a contender the world’s most fiercely crowded and competitive European C-segment (mid-size car) market, so creating an appealing design was vital. Today on Buzz, we’re going to unfold the first part of the cee’d’s design story from the outside-in, and breakdown its sportiness and unique design elements.

The main concept of the cee’d exterior design is ‘solid, fast and dynamic’. New design elements such as the ‘DLO (Day Light Opening)’ (overall shape of the car’s side windows) was extended to the front for a more dynamic and masculine appearance. The steep shoulder lines add to the ‘open’ look of the new cee’d.

Designers also focused on the exterior, as they wanted to create a well-equipped yet simple feel. For example, the DLO, exclusive headlamps and a chrome coating on the front grilles were all utilized to create a more luxurious expression.

The designers went to great lengths to create a more dynamic and sporty look by making the frontal design of the car lower and wider. The key design elements that define the character line of the exterior, including the radiator grille and headlamps, were created to achieve the highest aesthetic value possible. The location of the A pillar was pulled forward to create a more dynamic aspect, creating a cab-forward design. The volume of the different parts of the vehicle was then adjusted to create a balanced appearance.

The lower part of the cee’d was designed with the intention of creating stable and tough expression that would match any car on the road. The rear design was created with an emphasis on infusing strong and orderly look that would match well with the dynamic and solid display of its front and side.

Simplistic yet elegant, the design of the new cee’d manages to stand out from the crowd with its distinctive design elements and in particular boasting Kia’s signature front grille design. It can undoubtedly compete against all models in its class.

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