All-New Kia Soul ready to take on Europe April 2nd, 2014

The All-New Kia Soul is now ready to roll out in Europe! We were careful to keep the design DNA of the original Soul, while improving and enhancing various vehicle features to present an improved Soul.

So what’s so new about it? Check out this video featuring Wolfgang Sailer (Product Manager, Kia Motors Europe) as he breaks down the latest enhancements to the All-New Soul.

Looks good, inside and out. The interior was specially designed down to every detail, using only the best materials for a sleek finish.
Smooth driving! The All-New Soul was rebirthed with driving comfort and dynamics in mind, making the vehicle much more stable and the cabin much quieter when driving.
Power seats, Smart Park Assist These are only some of the latest premium features accompanying the All-New Soul.

In light of the success of the first-generation Soul, we only expect greater success with the All-New Soul. Europe, ready or not, here comes the All-New Soul!