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All-new Optima filming story December 2nd, 2010

The all-new Optima has received much attention from the global media and consumers since it was unveiled earlier this year. To carry that momentum over to a successful launching campaign, Kia Motors and Innocean decided on a two-pronged strategy with one television ad targeting the Middle East – one of the key markets – and the other version for the global market. The Middle East version was conceived to deliver a convincing message and features Batal Al Quos, a popular TV presenter widely recognized in Saudi Arabia. For the global version, we decided to showcase positive remarks by the influential global media around the world.

Filming of the Middle East ad took place in Dubai, UAE. Although temperatures rose above 40 degrees celsius and airborne sand and dust caused a tough filming environment, the ad’s director, Beom-seon Hwang, and all the supporting staffs successfully shot the commercial over four days through strong cooperation with the local staffs. Just like the ad, Batal’s first response to Optima was an exclamation of “wow.” He showed keen interest, asking about the car’s price and launch date. However, the filming coincided with Ramadan and Batal, who is a Muslim, couldn’t even drink water during the shoot. Even though it was tough, he did his best to create a flawless ad with pride as the brand ambassador of the all-new Optima.

For the global version, computer graphics held the key to quality. The director’s enthusiasm was also evident in the post-shoot work and the final product was highly satisfying. The global ad has garnered positive feedback from many regions worldwide.

Hopes are high for the ads and we are confident they will add momentum to the successful launch of the all-new Optima.

Editor’s note: You can find out more information about Optima on its microsite

  • I told you this car will hit the market soon.Amazing Clip

  • An amazing commercial for a simply awesome car! Since the first Optima arrived its been like having the LA Auto Show here in our own showroom with all the people that have come in to see it!

  • Thanks for this post. It’s a great commercial and I really wanted to know the details about filming location, etc. I was wondering if you could suggest a good database for that kind of info on commercials. Thanks, Ian.