All-new Picanto Achieves Recognition in Germany! August 5th, 2011

The all-new Picanto is brightening the sales forecast in Europe with the series of good reviews for the compact car comparative evaluations by the major German automobile media.
The Picanto has been ranked No.1 twice at the ‘“Foreign Compact Car Model Comparative Evaluation’” executed by the Auto Bild and the ‘“Under € 1 Million Car Comparative Rating’” executed by the Auto Zeitung of Germany.

At the Auto Bild’s comparative evaluation with the foreign models of 9 car types sold in Germany, the Picanto ranked in the top of the compact car sector with a total score of 311 from the ▲safety ▲convenience ▲exterior design ▲interior comfort categories.

The Auto Bild commented that “The spacious interior, excellent safety and convenience of the Picanto clearly show how small cars have progressed as much as mid/full size vehicles.”

The Picanto also proved its best quality and market power by taking No.1 at the comparative evaluation of the under €1 Million Cars in the German market executed by the Auto Zeitung, beating other rivals including the Renault Twingo and the Ford KA.

The Picanto got overall high scores in all of the criteria for ▲driving safety ▲power train ▲driving dynamics and ▲economic feasibility. Competition officials commented that “The driving convenience and spacious room are outstanding even for long distance driving, which are hard to find in other rival cars.”

The Auto Bild and the Auto Zeitung are major automobile journals that provide various car information about new vehicles, test-driving and comparative test worldwide, including Europe. Their car comparative test results are used as an important checking point by customers.

All-new Picanto was also recognized for the best market power of the class in the European compact car market, as it was ranked No.1 at the “Comparative Evaluation of the 6 Popular Small Cars in Europe by the Auto Bild” and was noted as “the model breaking new ground in the quality of compact cars.” It has been receiving consistently great reviews placing second in the Korean market in overall domestic sales and taking the lead in compact car sales.

  • Pucho R.

    Que sucede con Kia en Agentina que no hay mas unidades del kia Soul?? no me proboca confianza comprar una marca tan ausente.

  • Hello Pucho R, Kia Soul is currently sold in Argentina. Please visit the nearest dealership for more information( Thank you for your interest in Kia!

  • Froilan45886

    Hi…as it was advertised, kia picanto can achieve up to 4 L/100 Km..How come that my picanto can only achieve 14 L/100 Km or 7 kms per liter…furthermore, the engine produces annoying sounds when started cold….what should i do? already referred the matter to the authorized kia dealer but no solutions where found. thank you.

  • Hello, Froilan45886, thanks for your comment. In terms of fuel efficiency, it can vary depending on the road conditions and driver’s driving habits. Please refer to our post ‘How to Save Money with Car Maintenance’ for some tips on how to increase fuel efficiency. As for the engine sounds, please let us know where you are located so we may connect you to another dealership.