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All-new Picanto Design Story March 3rd, 2011

A new concept in ‘Smart Premium’

The main concept of the exterior of the All-new Picanto is Distinct & Modern. In other words, highly individual styling and differentiated elements based on clearly distinct modernity give a new identity to this compact car. Also, the harmony between the European-style sophisticated image and unique detailed elements express a new “Smart Premium” design for the compact car.

Its front view emphasizes confidence and dignity in general. The unique graphical elements succeed to the design identify of Kia and were materialized with a progressive image.

In particular, its front bumper was faced with a tremendous difficulty, called the Euro NCAP Pedestrian Protocol, in the model design phase, which was a big concern.

“A better design with greater safety always put the designer in a dilemma. More emphasis on safety will make the shape of the bumper different from the original concept, while disregard for safety will result in less safety. It was pretty tough to meet both conditions. However, this dilemma led me to discover a solution, i.e. a new style for a premium compact car,” said Mr. Kee Hong Park in charge of exterior design. He mentions that it is the harmony between design and technology that creates this highly safe and dignified style for a compact car.

As far as the specific design characteristics are concerned, the molding around the fog lamp gives an expression of the bumper image and dynamic image, which emphasizes sturdiness and safety. In addition, the headlamp LED DRL (Daytime Running Light) brings a high-tech style and stability with abundant volume.

In particular, the headlamp of the All-new Pianto is based on the image of the helmet used in American football. With its details emphasized, the headlamp was transformed into the new eye of new Picanto looking like the brightening eye line image

Mr. Park said “Being the first to apply the projection type and DRL to the headlamp of a compact car was a new challenge to me as a designer. Ordinarily, the headlamp, often regarded as the eye of the car, was designed to look sharp and pointed, but in view of the fact that it is a compact car, I also took the cute and friendly image into consideration and applied diverse ideas.”

Dignified and sturdy image emphasizing the abundant volume

The side of new Picanto stressed simple sportiness with a speedy structure, and also placed emphasis on simple lines and the abundant fender volume to the fullest to render a stable image.

Particularly, the wheel design applied the machine finish and high gloss to deliver a highly sensitive image, and the designer suggested a slim LED side repeater to go along with the overall shape of the car, and a high-class grip-type door handle to prevent women from hurting their nails.

When it comes to the rear view, the designer gave priority to abundant volume as well as unique formativeness, and tried to pursue wide proportional stability with an edgy style.

The advanced and unique image goes well with the front image, and when the lamp is turned on, the image of Kia will come to mind. Inspired by architecture and fashion, focus was on the delivery of an overall sporty and wide image.

“Unlike previous experience, developing the All-new Picanto was a full of surprises. In particular, when I was dwelling on the front bumper, engineers visited me in the model room to share their thoughts with me. Our designers thought that they had to give this entry-level model of Kia a cheerful and lively image, favored by foreigners. After numerous evaluation sessions and countless modifications of the model with the design constraints and costs taken into account, the All-new Picanto was finally completed. As a designer of the model, I hope that the All-new Picanto will someday become a leading model in the global compact car market.” said Mr. Park.

  • Jean-Pierre

    I just love the all new Picanto. Can’t wait for it to arrive in SA. KIA has become one of my favourite cars, because of their willingness to design and produce cars that is enviromentally friendly and good quality. Ten years ago I wouldn’t have bought any Korean car, but now….. KIA has some of the best looking cars around today, let alone the build quality…… Well done KIA!

  • wow

  • Really impressed with the Picanto. Is there any chance we will see EcoDynamics here in the States? Or at least the implementation of Start/Stop Capability in non Hybrid models?

  • Rizza Caritero

    wow i love it but can’t afford… Wish they will give one for the poor people like me…

  • Sayyid

    A beautiful exterior design that can really compete with any in it’s class! I advise Kia to hav a fully loaded limited edition (navigation,DVD entertainment,leather trim,etc) and I assure you it’ll b a ‘must own’ hot cake in the auto market!! When will it b available in Nigeria?

  • Uskasin

    Hopefully it’s affordable in indonesia….below 180 mio. :D, but still fully loaded (at least for ABS or other safety feature).

  • Agung_bike

    i have skill for design and i have much collection of body part skets , how to get job like you…in kia motors? how to join

  • Anonymous

    Hi what is the tank capacity and what will be the fuel consumption on average EU 2004/3/EC standards? Thank you

  • Sakilst

    Go for it……

  • Hadbaa

    it is really amazing ,I wonder when shall it be available at Egypt

  • rohprabhowo

    I would like to visit Seoul in a few day ahead to attend a world congress. Is it possible to visit your factory or head office? Waiting for your reply eagerly. I use Picanto 2005 for the last 5 years now

  • mohamma reza shams

    hi we like coom this car to iran a soon

  • John

    Nice one, really… Kia Cares! I am working to get one soon in exchange of my Kia Pride LX Sedan. Kia is our first car and for 20 years, that car is still running and in good condition tested in very difficult road and weather condition here in the Philippines. Keep up the good work. Please continue to create affordable, quality and safe cars.

  • Currently 1.2L A/T is the only trim that Kia Hokong distributor ordered. EcoDynamics brand is available in the U.S., Europe and Korea. And we are considering to launch the brand in other markets too.

    For further information, please contact local Kia dealer.

  • Oma3r

    It’s wonderful and smart

  • It’s wonderful and smart

  • alex


  • Carlwalsham

    Had A test drive last weekend excellent little car but it seems no one knows when accessories will be available in UK  or what they will cost. this may swing my disision to buy to a different manufacturer very disapointing you need to get your act together.

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  • Antoun chakhtoura

     the new kia rio will is amazing !! when it will be available  in lebanon ?

  • Muhammed_tabaqchali

    Magnificent car >>> I like it

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  • Anonymous

    you´re growing up each more, very best into the new design of Kia Picanto, great, congratulation one more time.

  • Dhammika Prasanna

    nice eco friendly safe car in good price

  • Chamara

    Hi Dhammika,

    Do you have an idea about price of this car in sri lanka ?

  • Mahesh

    LKR 16,70,000 + 12%VAT

  • hichem

    cool its a beatiful cars i like it

  • Jeremypearce

    Why does the Exec Model not have Leather Seats???????

  • Ermieallan

    I received a 2012 model of white picanto last month as a gift :) 

  • Alethea Ndubane

    Just bought my Kia Picanto and it is awesome

  • Liquie

    I think the car looks absolutely stunning. Hoping to get my self one.

  • hakim

    a like new picanto good job

  • lemak

    great i’m thinking to by a new picanto but please hary up by the new design one for i can bought it soon.lemak from algeria.exellent job guys god bles all of you

  • lemak

    great i’m thinking to by a new picanto but please hary up by the new design one for i can bought it soon.lemak from algeria.exellent job guys god bles all of you

  • lemak

    great i’m thinking to by a new picanto but please hary up by the new design one for i can bought it soon.lemak from algeria.exellent job guys god bles all of you

  • great design..more masculine with tiger nose …luv it!