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All-new Rio Promotional Film March 3rd, 2011

Here’s the All-new Rio promotional film. Hope you like this! Enjoy!

  • None

    What is the name and perfomer of the song?

  • Mymonaro2003

    Looks interesting. When will we see this car in Australia?

  • Joe Shmoe

    Nice looking car, but if you want to sell some of them, it might be a good idea to not associate them with scruffy, skateboard-riding punks and really bad music. The idea of commercials is that they’re supposed to attract people to your product, not repulse them away from it.

  • Josdebo

    The backs like a sportage, looks nice for a small car – better than many other brands!

  • Mymonaro

    Does anyone from Kia read the posts and this forum? If so, then perhaps some answers to questions. If you want people to revisit a forum and keep the forum “alive”, they will only do this if answers are provided to questions.

  • @ Mymonaro,

    We are very sorry for the delayed reply. From the current plan, the all-new Rio will be launched in Australia August 2011. Specific launch plan will be announced by Kia Motors Australia.


  • @ Joe

    Thank you for your comment. We will keep your comment in our mind at next related activity.

  • Mymonaro

    Thanks for the reply.

  • Grosu V Ciprian

     Hi. Any info about when the 5 door rio is coming to europe? and will it come with the 1.1 crdi from the start? Thank you.

  • Tarhe76

    Great car! When would the 5-door sedan be in kia showrooms in Nigeria?..

  • George Fotinos

    Hi, I’m from Chile, really loved the car, can I pre-buy one? when will it be available in Chile?
    thanks, George

  • Joseph_hamish

    its too hot i wish i want!

  • Tommy Roka

    I’m a current Rio5 owner (2010) and wait patiently for the new one. Even more if the turbo sport edition is in the works for 2013.

  • Thank you for your interest in Kia vehicle!
    Please contact your nearest Kia dealer for more information.

  • Eddypurwoto69

    kia all new picanto , ist the best