All-new Sportage official photos: powerful from every angle August 27th, 2015

With the release of the first official renderings last weekthe long-awaited, bold and powerful fourth-generation Sportage appears to be living up to everyone’s expectations. Led by Kia’s European design studio in Frankfurt with input from Kia’s regional design centers, this newest Kia CUV boasts a harmonious package composed of sharp, defining lines and smooth surfacing.

Today, we present the first official photos of the new Sportage’s progressive and attractive exterior from every angle.


All-new Kia Sportage


The ‘face’ is perhaps the part that went through the biggest change on the upgraded model. Its headlamps are no longer integrated with the grille; instead, they sweep back along the outer edges of the more sharply-detailed bonnet and bolder wheel arches. The Sportage’s lower, wider ‘tiger-nose’ grille, immediately shouts out Kia’s design identity and contributes to a more imposing appearance.


All-new Kia Sportage


The smooth and slim streamlined bodywork of the Sportage’s side gives it a more dynamic look. It keeps the outgoing model’s swept-back silhouette but has a roofline that tapers slightly towards the rear as well as longer front overhangs and wheelbase.


All-new Kia Sportage


At the rear of the car, you can see the sophisticated design that was inspired by the 2013 Kia Provo concept car. The horizontal forms and surface volume add greater stability, and the separated turn signals and reversing lights add more visual weight to this masculine and sporty model.

Now that you know what our next-generation Sportage looks like, keep a close eye on its upcoming global debut at the Frankfurt International Motor Show on September 15!