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All-new Sportage will keep you safe! October 6th, 2010

Hello everyone. Today, I’d like to introduce a technology featured in the better and smarter all-new Sportage that will help you drive safer along icy roads.

Have you ever woken up in the morning to find icy patches on roads from snow that fell overnight? If you’re one of those people who have no choice but to drive to work, no doubt you’ll have experienced your car zigzagging from left to right, almost of its own will, when accelerating or braking. The technology I’m about to introduce to you will help you better deal with those situations.

Vehicle Stability Management (VSM) is a technology featured in the Sportage. It’s a very smart technology that enables the vehicle to stabilize itself when accelerating or braking suddenly on uneven roads and shortens the braking distance.

Here’s a closer look at how the system works. The yaw rate and lateral G sensor (Yaw G Sensor) and wheel speed sensors accurately gauge the vehicle’s movements.

Based on the data gathered by the sensors, the Electronic Stability Control (ESC) and Motor-Driven Power Steering (MDPS) system kick into gear as soon as the vehicle starts sliding to secure vehicle stability.

If a vehicle brakes on an uneven road that has both icy patches and asphalt, the vehicle tends to veer towards the side with a higher friction coefficient (asphalt), while the opposite would happen during sudden accelerations. VSM detects such veering and automatically engages MDPS to help drivers drive safely.

※ Editor’s note: Vehicle Stability Management might not be available in some regions.

  • Good focus Kia motors more on safety to compete in market highly. Go Kia Go

  • Great job explaining a very technical feature in an easy to understand way! I had all my sales people read it for a better understanding of the new Sportage, thank you folks!

  • Pamela @ Kia HQ

    Great, the Kia Guy! Glad you were able to use the info…

  • i would like to know if the 2011 kia sportage is really now available here in philippines; if then;; when is it available in cebu and mindanao region; as we are very eager to have it…and kindly give me the price quotation of it, if the purchase is being made in manila or either in cebu or mindanao please………reply asap

  • Well designed… But what about the trunk capacity? I can’t find it anywhere…

  • Mike

    Please let me know when the new Sportage will be available in Philippines and which engines will be avaialble. Thanks.

  • Colin @ Kia H.Q.

    @ Mike,

    Thanks for your comment about the all-new Sportage.
    For correct information about launching date, please contact local distributor.
    Here’s Kia Philippines’ website address:


  • I wasn’t sure where to ask this, i wondered if the author could reply. Your blog looks splendid and I wondered what theme and software you used? Any help would be a big help and i would be very greatful as I am in the process of opening a blog similar to this subject! :-)

  • mike

    when is the sportage 7 seater going to be released ??? that is a must

  • Mike

     I am not in philippines , but in Mauritius and no one knows about it know there seems to be two dealers here .

  • Nishad_ravindra1

    Thank you for tthe information, Can you please suggest any web link to find any video with reagrds to VSM.