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August Kia Fan Photos of the Month August 22nd, 2013

We are winding down summer and as August comes to a close, it’s time again for another round of Kia Fan Photos of the Month. We hope you enjoy these photos that give a peek into the lives of Kia owners around the world.

Greetings Kia fans, I am Lewis from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I am so glad that I could make a group of friends who are driving the exact same Kia Forte as me. We’re just like a family, we always hang out together and even organized this wedding proposal for one of our members. It turned out great and the reflective stickers on our cars created a wonderful effect. The wedding proposal was a huge success! We hope to meet more Kia fans out there to share their fascinating stories with us =)  

Hi Lewis, this wedding proposal looked very sweet and fun! It’s awesome to hear that it was success, and those reflective stickers really help to pop the big question. Congratulations to the happy couple! Please tell us more about your group and feel free to share more photos! One question, with all of you guys having the same model and color, do you guys ever get mixed up in a parking lot?

Kia is really proud to be a part of these special moments in life, and we put our passion into our cars and connecting with our customers. Thanks for sharing this with us.

Hi Kia! This is Wayne. My wife and I left to Hawaii for our honeymoon this summer. We were driving around the island with the Kia Soul. The fresh floral air energized us and the warm tranquil waters refreshed us.  Our honeymoon in Hawaii with Kia Soul will be the best memory ever in my life. Thanks!

Congratulations on your wedding and your fantastic honeymoon! In addition to surprise, the Kia Soul seems to have the power to romance. That serene beach landscape has made all of us here envious of your Hawaii getaway, especially since we already used our summer vacation days. So far we’ve had a marriage proposal and a honeymoon. What’s next? A couple having a baby in a Kia? Wait a second… that’s already happened.

My wife and I are into geocaching. It’s a great way to get out and see the country, particularly when you stay in a place as stunning as we do. Our Kia Sorento is our cachmobile and a very important part of being able to get to some of the less accessible places we need to get to.

We had to Google “Geocaching,” and it sounds really adventurous. For everyone’s reference it’s a treasure hunting game where you use a GPS to hide and seek containers with other participants. What an exciting activity! You and your wife sound like you’re living a high tech version of an Indiana Jones movie. Where was this photo taken? Could you also tell us some of the places your Kia Sorento has taken you guys? Please share more photos of your Kia Sorento from your next treasure hunt!

Hi, I’m Vladislav from Serbia. This was taken at the top of Mt. Kopaonik in Serbia, at 1900m, where people go skiing in the winter and I go Kia-ing in summer. 2003 crdi 140hp Sorento. Pure pleasure. Rock on Kia!!!


Hi Vladislav! We love how you captured the sunset with your Sorento basking in its radiance! “Kia-ing” we like that term and it sounds like the kind of pastime we’re into. Mt. Kopaonik also sounds like a nice place to visit. It would be our pleasure to see more photos of you Kia-ing! Here’s a random and interesting historical fact we stumbled upon and wanted to share with readers: “Kopaonik has a rich historical heritage and the area was an important mining center during medieval times with many Saxons operating in the area as miners.” Yes, we are history geeks.

This wraps up August’s edition of Kia Fan Photos of the Month. If you haven’t submitted yet, be sure to use this opportunity to share your own Kia photos here!

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