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Become a racer with the Cerato(Forte) Koup September 18th, 2009

Myung, SeHwanBy Myung, SeHwan
Domestics Marketing Team

The ear-piercing roar, checkered flags and thrilling cornering…

If you’re a lover of cars, then you’ve probably harbored a dream of racing down a track at full speed. Unfortunately, it’s a dream that many of us will find difficult to turn into reality.

Unless you live in Korea and have a Cerato (Forte) Koup, that is.

Koup Speed festival-0

Anyone who possesses a valid driver’s license and a Cerato (Forte) Koup can enter the Speed Festival, Korea’s premier one-make race event for amateur drivers.

Like the name suggests, all of the participating cars are of the same model, performance level and tuning modifications. In essence, this is a race whose outcome depends on the driver’s skills. It’s also an event that promotes car racing as a sport that anyone can enjoy.

Koup speed festival

Speed Festival is now in its seventh year. It’s not difficult for an amateur driver to participate. All you need is a valid driving license and then select your race class. This year, the class is Kia’s Cerato (Forte) Koup. So anyone who possesses a Cerato (Forte) Koup under their own name can take part in the race.


You need to make a few other preparations. The car must be tuned for racing purposes: a process which could cost more than USD 2,000 for a Cerato (Forte) Koup. The number of tunings required for a Cerato (Forte) Koup is 39. The car body needs to be lowered to improve cornering safety and other safety specifications like high-performance tires and brake pads have to be added. Currently Kia Motors is holding a promotional event to provide some of the tuning costs for customers who want to try their hand at racing in the domestic market.
Once you have the necessary gear, you need to get some training. The Korea Motor Sports Association (KMSA) runs the Speed Festival Driving School three to four times a year. Lessons are free. All you have to do is bring your own ride. Once you’ve completed the necessary courses, you’re awarded with a Speed Festival License, proving you are now a “certified” racer.

Koup speed festival-1

So you want to become a racer? Then the key to fulfilling your dream is with Cerato (Forte) Koup!

※ Editor’s note: Ms. SeoYun Yang, a 23-year-old university student, took part in the Speed Festival as her first ever competition after receiving training by JungWon Choi from the Korea Motor Sports Association. Although she came across the finish line in last place, she is determined to win in next season’s race.

  • scott

    WOW! this’s the dream I ve got since I was young~~ Is there any way to have a chance like this promotion in USA?

  • Pamela (at Kia HQ in Seoul)

    Vroooom! Looks like fun! 화이팅!

  • Wow, I cannot wait for the invitation for a day at the Kia Camp to give this a try… Hint, Hint!!

    We already have the parts to make them go fast, just need a place to try it out.


  • Colin


    Thanks for your comment.
    We have forwarded your comment to Kia Motors America.
    We will let you know their answer. : )


  • A.Jaber

    Thanks kia buzz , great work kia .

    i loved the Koup & i wanted to know if it’s coming to the middle east market where i live in Dubai, U.A.E or not ?
    and if the answer is yes is there a specific date ?

  • Very nice I have been looking for some more videos like this one… Make sure to swing into “kiaforteclub” Google it. I’m looking for some more members

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  • brad

    i have bought the 2010 forte koup in oregon (us) but i cant seem to find any preformance parts. i see that you have them in korea want i want to know is where and how do i find these kia made products that i want to boost the performance of my koup? the dealerships here say none are available? if anyone knowa please inform the unknowing

  • Well found. I’m a hopeless driver myself.

  • Ace

    Hello, I have found a couple of websites (besides Ebay) for KIA Forte parts in the US:,
    I too love my 2010 Forte and have been trying to find parts for it. Any other suggestions would be great.

  • Brad Check out lots of information and KOUP owners with help on performance parts

  • guys me too..i just bought kia forte koup (Singapore) it’s seem here also dind’t have much parts..where to get in singapore?: anyone know it?

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  • Ramin

    Would you please tell me, where i can find company to tuning enigine and bodykit for CERATO Koup.
    best regards

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  • Dear Myung, SeHwan

    We in Singapore also have “Speed Festival” or we call it Track Day, i just came back from one and the Kia Koup really needs some things to be done to be better on the track. Is it possible for you to let me know on the 39 points of tuning? i believe my peers from Kia Koup forum here in Singapore will be very happy to know. As we are planning to have a Special Track Day to all Kia Koup owners in Singapore.

    I will be looking forward to your prompt reply.

    Thank you


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  • Hendy

    hey there, they are body kits for both the koup and sedan models. send me your email so i can show you some photos

  • Hendy

    can someone tell me where i can find any kind of performance tuning parts for the kia forte 1.6 engine?