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Behind the performance of Cadenza January 15th, 2010

Jae-hoon Oh, Principal research engineer, Gasoline Engine Design Team &
Sang-gyu An, Research engineer, Chassis Design Team 2

Hi! It has finally arrived. Kia’s brand new model, the All-new Cadenza is here.
I’m sure many of you are already aware of the many new technologies applied to the Cadenza to make it a truly luxury sedan. Today, we’d like to introduce the Lambda engine that’s behind the Cadenza’s powerful drive and Amplitude Selective Damper (ASD).

Lambda II 3.5 gasoline engine
What do you think is the most essential element for Cadenza to realize its motto of being a ‘dynamic sedan’? That’s right, a strong heart, in its case, a powerful engine. To deliver class-leading performance, Kia outfitted the Cadenza with the Lambda II 3.5 gasoline engine. An updated version of the Lambda featured in the Opirus/Amanti, the new engine delivers durability and reliability along with driving performance.

We adopted a new intake manifold system which significantly impacts performance. The previous 2-stage was replaced with a 3-stage variable intake system (VIS) for consistently superior performance at all driving speeds. The Lambda II 3.5 gasoline engine was developed to outperform other 3.5 liter engines by our competition.

One of the most important considerations in developing a large displacement engine is reducing engine weight. To this end, we optimized the design of the crank and cylinder block to lighten the weight and also applied a plastic water temperature control. It was the world’s first plastic water temperature control used in a 6-cylinder engine and is also used in the Opirus/Amanti. Its application shaved 3% off the weight of the new Lambda engine.

The Variable Flow Oil Pump (VFP) optimizes the flow of the oil depending on the discharge pressure, thereby minimizing engine performance loss when driving at a high speed or high RPM. Furthermore, we applied a low-friction coating method using Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC), a new material technology, to moving parts. By reducing friction, we raised fuel efficiency of the engine.

The Cadenza also has a Mechanical Lash Adjuster (MLA) and a ratchet type hydraulic auto tensioner in the timing chain system to achieve both lightness and stiffness, thus increasing durability and reliability.

To reduce environmental pollution and maintenance costs, we applied an ultra thin-wall catalyst for advanced emission conversion and an environmentally-friendly oil filter that requires only the filter paper to be replaced during maintenance checkups.

The rated RPM, which signifies the engine RPM at top output level, was raised from 6,000 RPM of the previous Lambda engine to 6,600 RPM for improved performance.

The application of diverse engine and new material technologies means the Lambda II 3.5 engine offers range-topping maximum power of 290 hp and maximum torque of 34.5 kgf.m.

The engine delivers driving performance as a dynamic luxury mid-size sedan ,thus exceeding the high demands of Cadenza customers in its excellent performance & style.

Amplitude Selective Damper (ASD)

The engine is like the heart of a car and a strong engine is pivotal to the car’s performance. The more powerful an engine is, the more it requires sophisticated automotive control parts to support and endure its performance. One can compare it to a healthy heart requiring strong arms and legs.

Cadenza is the first in its class to feature Amplitude Selective Damper (ASD) as a standard feature. ASD ensures control over the car body and realizes a solid and stable drive.

ASD ensures drivers enjoy optimal riding comfort and handling under any road conditions. A low damping force is applied to provide a comfortable ride when the vehicle goes over roads with undulations that produce high-frequency, low-amplitude vibrations. A high damping force maintains stiff suspension when the vehicle turns or goes over bumps to improve body and wheel control.

Today, we introduced the engine and suspension systems that act as the heart, arms and legs of the Cadenza. Look forward to more postings in the future on other fascinating new technologies.