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Behind the scenes of the all-new Optima September 7th, 2010

Check out this video featuring interviews with an all-new Optima (known as K5 in Korea) owner and the project manager from our R&D center in Korea.

  • brad

    love it.. but really love the k7 more.. when would that come out in the US? i need a new car!

  • It’s nice to be kept updated about Kia. Just subscribed via Facebook to be well informed about Kia Motors…Good video..closed captioning much appreciated. Thanks (from a satisfied current Kia owner)

  • Rick C

    Very impressive. Now on my list of cars to consider when I buy a new one next spring. Actually, my top 3 are now all Kia’s. But when will the 2011’s be out??? I’m waiting!!!

  • Scott

    Great improvement for Kia.
    The profile and rear end views of the car are so-so but the front of the car is very well designed. In general, the interior has a conventional look but the design is executed in a nicely modern and innovative way.
    However, WARNING to Kia:
    With the test drive reviews I’m starting to see or read, the seats, while cooled or heated, are simply too flat and too hard. Seats are a very fundamental part of a car and a real deal-breaker if one is buying the vehicle for long drives. For a car that is otherwise very well designed, it would be a shame to ruin it with seats that are not comfortable.

  • Colin

    @ Scott

    Thanks you for your interest in all-new Optima. Regarding the seats’ comfortableness, our R&D has acknowledged the issue through media test drive and
    they are currently working on the issue to find a solution.


  • Scott


    Thank you for that reply. It is reassuring to know that Kia pays this kind of attention to such a problem and I hope a real and effective solution will be found in a practical amount of time.

    Meanwhile, if I may make one more suggestion:
    I live in the Sacramento, California area. Summers can get pretty hot here, and, of course, in places like the southwest and southern states. I noticed that you incorporate technology that warms the steering wheel for people in cold climates. But, for people in warm or hot climates, would it be possible to incorporate into the 2011 Kia Optima a feature that cools the steering wheel too?

  • reuben

    kia are speedly climbing up the automotive heirarchy!!
    well done kia??

  • Scott

    Don’t worry, this isn’t another suggestion. :)
    Just a question.
    I noticed that on the Kia website, Kia proudly displays a little “Built in the USA” shield logo for the Kia Sorrento.
    I guess this means it was built at the plant in Georgia.
    However, I do not see this same logo on the page for the 2011 Kia Optima.
    I know some “experts” have recently declared the American recession over but, by many indicators, it doesn’t feel like it.
    So, since the economy is still difficult, if an American wants to buy a Korean 2011 Kia Optima but also wants to help the American economy, what can you tell him about the Optima that will make him feel less guilty and less self-conscious for not “buying American”?

  • Colin

    @ Scott

    We really appreciate your detailed suggestion to all-new Optima. Regarding the feature, cooling down system of steering wheel,
    Kia R&D has been developing ‘cool leather’ material. That will help to release the heat from steering wheel and keep the steering wheel not too hot. But we might need more time to adopt this new material to our product.


  • jtz

    Hey Colin I have a question for you. You know the little display in the cluster showing an image of the Optima. That image is silver. What I want to know is if I were to drive one in blue would the image displaying the Optima in the cluster also be blue too. If I got one in green would the image in the cluster also show green or are all of them going to be silver?

  • jtz

    I guess you don’t know neither. I guess I just have to test drive a variety of colored Optimas and look at the cluster myself.

  • Colin

    @ jtz

    I’m sorry for delayed reply to your question. I do remember that you also left this question on another posting and Pamela has answered to your question as below.


    Here’s a link:

    Pamela @ Kia Motors Corp. (Seoul) says:
    July 16th, 2010 at 8:57 am edit

    @jtz –> That’s a great question and I had to ask around to find out. As it turns out, the answer is no, it is always silver. But wouldn’t that be clever if it did change to the colour of your own vehicle? Hmmm… something to think about!

  • I have to heartily agree with the above post about the hardness (and flatness) of KIA seats. I was very ready to buy the new Sportage, an absolutely beautiful machine that had many of the features I wanted at a very good price but the seats killed it for me. I was really bummed as I like the vehicle very much and hoping that this does get changed in the new Optima which I like the looks of even better than the Sportage.
    I am not sure of the thinking behind hard seats..I’m not sure if it is to give a “sportier” feel to the vehicle?
    I own a 2003 Altima which I bought new and still own and love that it has a fairly sporty, firm ride to it but has very soft yet somehow supportive seats. I’ve driven 1,100 mile trips and the car is incredibly comfortable. (newer Altimas actually have harder seats for some inexplicable reason which is why I am NOT getting a new one).
    Anyway, change the seats and I’ll be the first in line for the beautiful 2012 Optima.

  • very good !I want to know how much of the car in china!

  • Mohannedo

    maybe today i will go with my father to bay it

  • Eddy Haamel

    looks good ,want to now the price in europe

  • Khafan_b4_5

    it s really makes me wonder.i think the designe of the rims could be more powerfull than this 

  • Joao_babosa_08

    How much is this great?

  • Hello John, we are sorry to hear that you are experiencing discomfort with our Sorento seats. Your feedback is very important to us and we will make sure our internal staff will be notified of this. Thank you.