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Behind the Scenes of the All-new Picanto TV Commercial April 21st, 2011

The new Picanto TV commercial shows how appearances can be deceiving…

Just as Henry the Cat proves he is just as fierce despite his smaller size, the all-new compact Picanto comes packed with unbelievable features. Don’t let its size fool you.

The all-new Picanto includes a complete, high-quality package with numerous premium features and multiple trim choices that have definitely raised the bar for the A-segment.

A special feature in particular is the all-new Picanto’s highly efficient Kappa engine that helps lower CO2 emissions to just 90 g/km and consume as little as 4.1 liters/100 km in fuel. (Read more about Kappa engine at

You can get a behind-the-scenes look for the commercial below.  It shows you how the commercial was made, all from the perspective of the main star…Henry the Cat!

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