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Behind the scenes with the SOUL concepts August 12th, 2008

By Jay Ryu
Assistant Manager, Overseas Product Marketing Team

On the premises of “Messe Frankfurt”, Mr. Peter Schreyer and Georg Kacher go in-depth about the Kia SOUL concepts.  Georg Kacher is an internationally acknowledged automotive journalist and a jury member of the Car of the Year awards.  He works freelance and has written for Auto Bild, Süddeutsche Zeitung and GQ, among other German publications.  Born in 1952, Georg lives in Bavaria, near lake Ammersee.


The Kia SOUL concepts are very promising; they are crests of individuality.  The Kia SOUL is a city vehicle, between fantasy and real emotion.  It is a vision!  Perhaps this extraordinary vehicle represents the future of car manufacturing!  “Dare to be different!”


As an “urban run about,” the vehicle needs to have enough space for the whole family.  This is a precondition the Kia SOUL currently meets.  The vehicle is highly emotional.  “Without emotions nothing can be sold nowadays – not even ‘Tilsiter Käse’.”

The automotive expert praises the special proportions of the vehicle as a trend-setting design.  Every customer has the possibility to express his or her individuality.  The cars appear to be made by Italian designers rather than by a Korean car manufacturer.  This is pretty unusual but most effective.  The vehicle makes a great visual impact.

Georg Kacher praises the extravagance of the Burner and the individualistic approach for the future customer.  While presenting the Kia Burner, Georg points out that the car appears to be strong and muscular.


Georg is very enthusiastic about the Diva.  From his point of view the Diva is the greatest car among the trio.  It is a bit over the top for his taste but it represents the Korean fantasy of luxury. Georg Kacher complements Kia on the highly comfortable leather seats of the Kia Diva which are made very stylishly and points out that the ornament on the seats can also be seen in the transparent roof.  The whole car is pretty unusual for its class (e. g. the piano finish and gold decoration).

Click here for the full clip from Autobild online.

  • Boris

    Is it too early to ask if soul will have a reversing camera and navigation? cuz I have seen a soul with an angled bit [sticking out of the hatch below the logo and handle] with a tiny black circle under it. I’ve seen the soul website and noticed the souls had the H-grille as well; really liked that.
    reply soon

  • Boris

    Anyway, I got my answer. If I’m not mistaken, Kia has realeased a few official pics of Kia soul. there’s a pic of the red interior [probably production Burner] in which we see a knob in the right hand corner of the pic with a ‘+’ and “-” sign buttons within the knob. I never saw anything resembling that on other cars let alone Kias and it wasnt there in the Burner concept either nor in the other interior shots. its the knob behind the steering wheel. whats it for?

  • JoshyLofty

    What i wanna know is will the Houndstooth interior option be available or was it just another “tease” image? please reply soon.

  • Hello Boris,

    The knob is a mood lighting controller.

  • Boris

    joshy, the white interior houndstooth seats image was probably for the UK soul. Korea gets brown black and red. interior options of other markets will be different from them.

  • K-sport

    will soul be available in UAE? cuz scion and honda didnt give us the xB and Element. I hope this one will be available. I really like it. So Daihatsu materia might get some great competition!

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