Bizarre traffic laws around the world May 22nd, 2012

We encourage all drivers to abide by local traffic laws, but there are some strange laws out there that make you wonder. The other day while browsing the web, we stumbled upon some bizarre traffic laws that we wanted to share with our Kia-Buzz readers. Although, we crossed checked these laws with a few different sources, our staff still found some hard to believe, so if there are any myth busters out there who can dispel any or shed some local and legal insights, please enlighten us in the comments section below.

Let’s kickstart our traffic law trip around the world in the USA, where each of its 50 states, and even individual cities, have some interesting laws.


  • In Denver, Colorado, you cannot drive a black car on Sundays
  • In California:
  1. Women are prohibited from wearing a bathrobe while driving.
  2. It’s illegal to shoot at wild game from a moving vehicle, unless your target is a whale.
  3. In San Francisco it’s illegal to wipe one’s car with used underwear.
  • In Milford, Massachusetts, you’re not allowed to peep into another car’s window.
  • In Alabama, you’re not to operate a vehicle barefooted or blindfolded (darn!).
  • In Clinton, Oklahoma, you’re not to molest a car. We have no idea what this even means, but you’ve been warned.


Ladies, keep the bathrobe in the bathroom when you’re in California.


  • In Singapore, it’s against the law for a driver to come within 50 meters (approximately 164 ft.) of a pedestrian.
  • In Thailand, shirts are required when driving.
  • In Japan, if you splash muddy water on a pedestrian while driving, get ready for a pretty hefty fine.



  • In Switzerland, you can’t wash your car on Sunday.
  • In Russia/Romania, you’ll be fined if you’re driving a dirty car.
  • In Spain, if you don’t have extra pair of glasses in the car at all times, even if you’re already wearing a pair, it is against the law.

We hope you gained some good insights (or a good laugh) from these traffic laws around the world.

Do you know any weird traffic laws or do you have an idea for new ones?

There must be thousands of outrageous traffic laws around the world. Be sure to tell us any we missed or suggest some new laws!

NOTE – FOLLOW THE LAW: Please check and follow your local government’s traffic laws, and always use your best judgment when driving. This Kia-Buzz post is not officially claiming that these laws actually exist, we are only sharing information we found in the process of writing this post.

  • Seb4free

    Hey, in Germany it is like in spain. You need a second pair of glasses…..if one will be destroyed.