Capturing the right spirit: A marketer’s dilemma April 23rd, 2010

Colin JangBy Colin Jang
Kia BUZZ Editor

“How to best express the allure of this product?” This is probably a question facing all marketing personnel. Today, I would like to tell you about the Cadenza microsite ( According to Wikipedia, a microsite is an Internet web design term referring to an individual web page or cluster of pages. Simply put, it is a separate site for a specific product.

In preparing the microsite, the biggest issue was deciding on the method to promote Cadenza. Instead of making a conventional site that just conveys information, we wanted to create a site that gives visitors an interactive experience. To spice things up, we used 3D animation for the introduction.

The introductory film is much shorter than a movie. Still, we released a preview which piqued interest to the site. The full version was unveiled at the end of March.

Now, let’s take a look at the microsite. When you enter the site, you will see an explanation on the triple angle mode. This mode lets you see the specifications and design of Cadenza from multiple angles.

After learning about the triple angle mode, choose the bandwidth and you will receive an invitation like the one you see below.

Click on “Yes” to continue.

The invitation card invites you to a business leaders’ night party and the Cadenza will take you to the event. Next, you have the power to create the next scene. That is, you can upload a photo of your choice. Below, you can see that I uploaded a picture of me (reading Motor Trend) and my cat!

Now, my cat and I have become a part of the Cadenza movie. Add any photos you like to double the fun.

As mentioned above, the triple angle mode is an interesting feature. If you click on one of the angles on the right, you can view the scene on the left according to that angle.
That is, you can see the Cadenza from three different angles.

One of the toughest tasks in making the film was to convey Cadenza’s high-tech luxury and dynamic performance at the same time. If we focused on the luxurious air of Cadenza, its dynamic side would be shrouded, and vice versa.

Do you think both aspects are well conveyed by the clip? (I hope the answer is yes! :-))

Another challenge was the numerous specifications of Cadenza, which is a classy family sedan. It was impossible to show them all in the introductory clip but we selected a few of the features and made 3D images to show them to consumers. Because we had a tight deadline, we had to fly in the Cadenza for the shooting. The photos below show us capturing the Cadenza for the film.

Marketers are constantly thinking up ways to make interesting materials containing useful information. I am no exception and I hope to hear your views and suggestions. I will talk to you again soon with more exciting and helpful material.