Carensformer November 19th, 2007

By Jun Seok Park
Sales Promotion Team

Hello, my name is Jun-Seok Park. I am a member of the Sales Promotion Team, and I am responsible for sales planning and promotion of SUVs and MPVs

Today I would like to share with you one in a series of short films we created a while back to increase the brand awareness of the Carens (known as ‘Rondo’ in some markets) in the Korean market.  The title of the series is ‘Carensformer’, which was named after the famous blockbuster movie ‘Transformers.’  And yes, as implied by the title, we transform the Carens into a robot!

We wanted to grab the attention of customers who saw the movie and also add a little fun factor to the Carens’ image.  Click below and enjoy!

  • For the Korean Market, this ad is great, although it is a copyCitroen ads in Europe, which are hugely successful. Anybody who knows this may think that Kia is copying the idea (like me) which may generate a negative image.

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  • patrik

    Umar Khan is dead right, unfortunately. It would feel embarassing to see this commercial say in the CEE which happens to be my area. Not to mention the fact that the Transformers watchers are mostly under aged to drive (and buy) cars :-)

  • remix

    This sort of ad is such a poor idea that it is indeed embarrasing for Kia to release it to the public. Not only is it a poor attempt to connect Kia with the whole Transformers franchise but it is also a clear and obvious copy of the Citroen ad. Transfrormers movie is closely related to Chevrolet/GM cars and it would be risky trying to take that away from them. More than that, the Citroen ads featuring transforming cars have been around for quite some time and this is clearly a rip off.
    If I were Kia I wouldn’t release this ad to the public, especially not in Europe.

  • heohs

    Dear visitors,

    Please note that this is not an ad on TV but made exclusively for fun on the web.
    At the time when this short clip was released on the web, internet users were having fun making and spreading parody UCCs from the movie Transformer.
    This was only a reflection of the trend, intended to entertain young internet users.
    KIA takes intellectual property rights seriously, and highly values creativity & originality.

  • A-train

    Of course such an ad, if not made for TV is perfectly acceptable for being played on the web just as a bit of fun. Also by tying in with the transformers theme it is broadening the brand awareness to a younger market, whom can have a remarkable influence on those older than them!

    The problem that I do see here is not a legal one in the slightest (as people have suggested) but has to do with what I have stated earlier, in that it will increase brand awareness. However I did not say it was necessarily positive brand awareness.

    Like Umar, when I first saw this ad I instantly compared it to the Citroen ads over here in the UK, which look a lot more polished and professional to the Kia ad. I did see the Kia ad as a “poor mans” version and unfortunately this has left the brand with a more negative outlook on my part. I feel this may be the same for anyone who has also seen the Citroen ad before. I guess partly because it was not catered for a European audience but the web IS ‘international’ so Kia should have foreseen this before publishing it.

    Even though it has not had the intended effect on myself I hope it does well for the company on a global scale.