Casting a Line at the Borrego NPI July 16th, 2008

By Amy Taylor
Public Relations Manager, Kia Motors America

The first wave of journalists hit the road this morning and quite a few made their way to Fish Lake in Lake Wenatchee State Park.  Thanks to Borrego’s Homelink with compass navigation system, everyone made it safely to the lake.  Once there, they jumped into rowboats with a guide to test their fly fishing skills and enjoy the breathtaking views.

While the journalists were out on the lake catching fish, the Kia staff on land was catching Kia fans.  Kia customers and possible future customers approached the Kia staff to share stories about their own Kias and ask questions about the Borrego.  One family asked about towing capacity, (7,500 pounds for the V8), because they are in the market to purchase a new SUV to tow their camping trailer.  They thought the vehicle looked great and were thrilled to hear about the fuel economy (15 city/20 highway for the 4×4 V8) and the price.

Click on the video to check out the journalists exploring Fish Lake, the view on their driving routes and other images from wave one of the all-new 2009 Kia Borrego National Press Introduction.

  • mj

    It’s difficult time for SUVs due to skyrocketing gas price. But I hope & I’m sure that Borrego will make a sucess with its excellent performance and rugged style. Good luck Kia.