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Five-door cee’d catalogue wins 2007 International Design Awards October 25th, 2007

inacio KimBy inacio Kim
Manager, Overseas Communications Team

The five-door cee’d catalogue received 2nd prize in the ‘Catalogue’ category at the 2007 International Design Awards. The publication was designed exclusively for the European market.

It is unusual for a catalogue of commercial emphasis to win such an award. This year’s honor is largely due to the huge support from the company.


The agency and the photographer worked together for four months to find the images and layout that would best represent the Kia brand. The five-door cee’d catalogue is the outcome of that symbiotic cooperation.

The award is especially meaningful to our team, as we are always thinking about how our publications will be viewed by foreign readers.

I hope this serves as an opportunity to promote a brand image that appeals to Kia customers around the world. In addition, I wish for the continued success of the cee’d family.

I would like to thank the D&C Agency, JP Studio and the local staff for their hard work during our shoot in Spain.

Keep in mind, however, this is just the beginning. We will continue to work hard to win more awards and create catalogues that enhance the Kia brand image and satisfy customer needs.

<Click here to view the catalogue>

  • Congrats! Well done.

  • Charkie

    Seconded ! Very nice layout and and color scheme “segue'”from feature to feature>attribute to attribute!

  • Dutchellene

    Excellent catalogue. KIA is really reaching a level where you can easily compete with the better car brands !!

  • david mckee

    the cee,d looks like a very nice car but u won,t sell it in australia with a name like cee,d nissan changed there name from pulsar to tiida and the backside fell out of sales went downhill real quick think of another name before it comes to australia regards david

  • Dean

    Wow this Kia has a lot going for it. I’d love to see Hyundai produce it’s own version of the Kee. It’s a beautiful design.

    In reality I wonder if it would be powered by the Beta or Theta motor.

  • Bill Frearson

    I bought a 5 door diesl Ceed in July 07 iv loved every min driving the car I honestly cant fault it and iv been driving over 40yrs keep up the good work