cee’d LOTOS Cup 2010 March 18th, 2010

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Gentlemen, start your engines!
Organized and supported by Kia Motors Polska since 2006, the Kia LOTOS Cup attracts young drivers who want to test their skills in the brand’s annual racing events. The 2009 season bid farewell to the Picanto and now the Kia pro_cee’d takes the reigns in this racing championship in Poland.

The Kia LOTOS Cup competition series has become a permanent entry on Poland’s calendar of racing events. Four seasons of Picanto championships provided a starting point for young motorsport enthusiasts in Poland. This year, they are offered a chance to vie for the title driving Kia pro_cee’d cars for the third time.

“We are pleased to have established a kind of racing school for young drivers with this event,” said Wojciech Szyszko, Executive Director of Kia Motors Polska. “It serves as perfect preparation for real competition, including actual racing based on individual abilities. In fact, all cars taking part in our present championship are identical, so what really matters are the drivers’ skills and nothing else.”

With the cee’d LOTOS Cup continuously striving each year to attract more contenders looking to enhance their driving skills, the Cup regulations are subject to certain changes along with this transformation. The cee’d LOTOS Cup has hence gone more professional and starting from this season all competition cars will use 15-inch wheels outfitted with Hankook slick tires to make racing somewhat tricky – yet quicker and more exciting. Tests at the Brno speedway revealed that lap times for cars using the new tires can be reduced by as much as 9 seconds! Accordingly, competition standards may rise with the new regulations.

For added excitement, the vehicle start line array will change before the second race of each round – with the leading six competitors starting in reverse of their finishing order during the initial race. The possibility to reduce the final point score by omitting the season’s poorest result in a single round is yet another significant alteration to the regulations. Why not give everyone a chance for success despite a small mistake?

Participants of the 2010 cee’d LOTOS Cup will qualify to race in six rounds. So in addition to last year’s schedule two new locations have been added in Germany and Slovakia to make the 2010 racing series even more attractive.

The following is the 2010 Kia LOTOS Cup racing schedule:
Hungaroring, Hungary April 30 till May 2:
Poznań, Poland May 29-30:
Oschersleben, Germany July 9-11:
Slovakiaring, Slovakia August 20-22
Poznań, Poland September 3-5:
Brno, Czech Republi: September 24-26:

The season series winner is awarded the Championship of Poland and a cash prize of PLN 50,000 (PLN 30,000 and 15,000 respectively for the 2nd and 3rd runners-up) with valuable prizes awarded to competitors achieving best lap times and top score points.

The exciting Kia LOTOS Cup is made possible thanks to sponsorship from LOTOS Oil, Hankook Tires, Motoricus and Auto Tip Top (ATT) in collaboration with Kia Motors Polska.

Detailed information about participating in the cee’d LOTOS Cup, terms and specifications of new competition cars offered for sale and changes to the cee’d LOTOS Cup regulations are available at www.ceed-lotos-cup.pl.

Best of luck for the racing season!

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