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Spotlight on the Kia booth—CES 2014 wrap-up January 13th, 2014

Over 4 days, from January 7 – 10, Las Vegas was hit with a dizzying display of tomorrow’s high-tech gear and gadgets. The Consumer Electronics Show is no auto show, but that didn’t stop Kia from stealing the spotlight in Las Vegas this past week. The CES provides the perfect platform to showcase the future of automotive technologies—so it’s no wonder that everyone had their eyes on the Kia booth.

Consumer Reports stopped by and made note of our bigger-and-better display specs (as mentioned in our previous post), calling it “the big-screen car cabin of tomorrow,” while Left Lane was impressed by our “next-gen infotainment systems.”

So if the CES 2014 isn’t an auto show, why was Kia’s KND-7 concept car on display in Las Vegas? Because being connected to different worlds through technology (and its offspring, the “internet of things”) has been changing the way we drive. Our day-to-day to-do’s involve more time in our cars and new challenges, say, fighting the urge to check Facebook while avoiding drivers around you who are. On top of that, phone calls, the weather, the radio, and an empty battery gauge are all competing for our attention. The technologies that Kia exhibited during CES 2014 upgrade and integrate existing functions and infotainment devices to help remove the distractions and keep your eyes on the road. Here are a few highlights of how Kia is putting masterful touches on smart devices in the car and connecting you to the future of driving.

The KND-7 showed up at the CES to showcase the future of car safety through Kia’s in-vehicle technology, such as the gesture control feature. Once implemented in next-gen Kia vehicles, drivers will be able to play and pause music, change air temperature settings and even play video for backseat passengers through a table display—all without having to take their eyes off the road. The KND-7 also connects you with your vitals. The integrated sensor strips embedded in the steering wheel monitors your biorhythms, such as heart rate and stress levels, so you can make smart decisions while you are on the road.

The Kia K900/Quoris, rolling out in North America this year, will come with the latest full-color Head-Up Display, which also utilizes Kia’s first implementation of the Advanced Vehicle Safety Management system. The system provides unparalleled ease of access to navigation, speed, and safety alerts. The K900 can even see the road before you. Its adaptive lighting and electronic ‘Brake By Wire’ bring substantial improvements in avoiding hazards.

The CES served as a platform for Kia to show off what we think is the future of the motoring industry. As technology advances, trends are gravitating towards greater connectivity—and Kia continues to push creative and technical boundaries to help more drivers connect intuitively with their vehicles.

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