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Color Your Soul for a Chance to Win Prizes September 12th, 2013

Click here to Color Your Soul

 Hello Kia fans!

My name is Hailey and this is my debut posting. I recently joined the Kia-Buzz team and I am excited to blog about all things Kia for fans worldwide.

Today, I want to share a fun event happening via Kia Motors Facebook Page, which has been running in connection with the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show, where all-new Soul has just debuted. Unfortunately, I’m not Frankfurt, and I’m sure many of you in the same situation. But that doesn’t mean we can’t check out the Soul in a fun and colorful way. Take part in our Color Your Soul Campaign, where you can be entered to win one of two prizes for participating:

  • Brand new Nikon 1 J2 compact camera system with lens kit (3 winners)
  • $50 USD worth of Facebook Credit (15 winners)

This event provides an opportunity for all our Kia fans from all over the world to customize and color your very own Soul. Also, by choosing your color, you will be able to find out more about what your color choice can represent personality wise.

I chose ‘Inferno Red’ and posted my results below. I think the description somewhat fits my style. I would consider myself as someone who is full of high energy and always excited, especially since I grew up in the hustle and bustle of New York City all my life.

To participate in the campaign, go to the following website and follow the directions :

You better hurry as the event only runs until September 30. We’d love to see what color Soul you picked!

Be sure to invite your friends to participate!


About Hailey:

I’m currently living in Seoul, but spent most of my life living in the dynamic and vibrant New York City. Living in the urban jungles of New York and Seoul has led me to appreciate the roads less traveled, so in my spare time, I enjoy outdoor activities and traveling, especially going on long drives with friends. And of course, I’m big fan of Kia cars, why? They are not only stylish, but very practical in that they provide a safe and comfortable driving experience. My Kia of choice is the Kia Forte.