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Colorful Selection June 3rd, 2009

Jung LeeBy Lee, Jung
Kia Color Team

Color design is about creating something that will appeal to the public or awaken their desire. It requires the ability to tap into consumer’s consciousness. To come up with the right colors for the new Sorento, Kia relied on the advice of dealers and marketers around the world, and the opinions of domestic and overseas design clinics.


To come up with the exterior color, 20 new Sorentos were painted in different hues. During evaluation, they were rated on how they look indoors, outdoors, in different weather conditions and whether or not the colors suited the vehicle itself. The designer’s preferences and recent color trends also helped define the direction.


Muscle Beige accentuates the new Sorento’s strong yet elegant style but distinguishes it from conventional colors in its segment. The always popular White was tweaked to deliver luminance and clarity. Titanium Silver is the trend du jour while Java Brown is a popular color in the US market. Blue Jean and Spicy Red offer eye-popping choices.


The key consideration for the interior color was finding Kia’s identity. Dozens of samples were made and reviewed to find which would best symbolize Kia’s young-at-heart and adventurous brand image. In the selection of the wood grain, sleek looking black wood or wood with a realistic texture were favored over traditional wood patterns.

The new Sorento represents the start of the journey to define Kia’s color identity. The objective is to create a color that will be identifiable as Kia, in addition to inciting an emotional connection and excitement.

※ Editor’s note: Color availability will vary by countries.

  • Alexey Drozdov, Russia

    Make or choose new different and bright colors for KIA’s cars, i think, it’s great! Your new cars looking different from car-flow, and now not only exterior. I hope you’ll made good color for Russia too. :-)
    Wish you big success at this way.


  • Kia made a wonderful job on their cars. Just to suggest, Kia should also make this improvements on KIA truck. KIA Truck Parts should also be well painted in order for them to look attractive to buyers, especially the external parts of the truck itself.

  • Alexey Drozdov, Russia

    As it is, at Russia I can’t order Sorento in colors, that I wish. In dealer’s salon, salesman says, that KIA don’t produce car by order, just make some cars, we can choose from them.

    As result, in Russia I dosen’t saw Sorento with combined leather interior.

    And I can’t order (for example) Clear White SorentoR with leather Black-White combined, or Java Brown with Biege leather interior.

    It’s pity.

  • Hello Alexey –> Kia makes every effort to provide vehicles that will please consumers in different regions around the world. To help provide our vehicles at affordable prices, we traditionally have preffered to minimize the number of variations available. With the number of options we have available, and the number of materials, colours, stitching and finishes — the combinations are endless!

    In Russia, you cannot choose a beige interior. However, with your feedback, we’re able to provide our teams there and here ways to improve. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us and I hope that you are able to find a vehicle that you are happy with and fits your needs. We also hope that car happens to be a Kia!

  • Alexey Drozdov, Russia

    Hello, Pamela! Thank you for your answer.
    Of course I understand, that’s commercial need will cut technical and design possibilities. And I do not ask about something, that not presented in our local official KIA website. I just little dissapointed, that i can’t choose options declared to been choosen. :-)

    I’m order KIA Sorento, now wait for it. )

  • Setiawan Hadi

    I gonna buy KIA Picanto this month. Is it any differences between KIA Picanto in Indonesia and KIA Picanto in its original country. What I see is the color. This is my first time to use non-Japan / non Eropean car. I hope I can get good experience.