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Colors of Soul October 28th, 2008

By Kia Design Center

While work progressed on developing the interior color scheme, consumer opinions were collected via Kia websites and focus groups in Korea and abroad. The purpose was to identify consumers’ color preferences using the Soul concept car. During a one-month period, 23,000 people took part in the survey. The responses varied depending on the age bracket and gender. But on the whole, orange was a popular choice whereas boring colors were clearly out of favor. Reflecting consumers’ tastes, high impact colors were used in the Soul production model.


Green tea latte, vanilla shake, cocktail orange…even the color names will pique the interest of people seeking something novel and youthful. The task was to think of names that would appeal to the young-at-heart, Soul’s main target customer group. The inspiration came from their favorite beverages, which in turn reflects their lifestyle. In the end, eleven colors were chosen that are unique while conveying the image of Soul.


This ends our extended posting on how we managed to develop the design of Soul.  We hope you enjoyed our Soul development story.

  • Pamela

    The pictures really don’t do this vehicle justice! The colours really add to the flair of the crossover and will be great fun to drive. I can’t wait to see more of these on the road!!

  • Gagriley

    I love my Soul until winter.  It is, hands down, the worst handling vehicle I have ever had on winter roads.

  • Guest

    I suggest you get winter tires for your Soul.  You won’t regret it!