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Committing to a safe, efficient environment November 12th, 2008

Pamela MuñozBy Pamela Muñoz
International PR Assistant Manager

Kia Motors launched volume production at its Zilina, Slovakia plant in December 2006 and quickly realized that it had underestimated the potential of its state-of-the-art facilities.  Less than two years later, Kia Motors Slovakia (KMS) has exceeded expectations and reached its 300,000th vehicle production goal.

These accomplishments do not happen over night, nor do they happen by themselves. It takes an incredible amount of effort on the part of staff and management, along with a commitment to improving efficiency and quality. KMS cheerfully acknowledges that its assembly lines are reaching 98% efficiency.

“The successful continuation of production is a result of hard effort of all our employees and thanks to that we continue to fulfil our production plan for this year,” said In-Kyu Bae, President and CEO Kia Motors Slovakia in a recent news release.  Mr. Bae has also been fully committed to providing Kia employees with a great working environment, ensuring safety and environmental standards are met, and often times exceeded.

Along with the great increase in quality of Kia vehicles, there has been remarkable improvement in safety among Kia’s many plants in the last decade.  In an effort to prevent chronic illnesses from repetitive movements from line-assembly, Kia Motors has occupational health services available in all its plants for its staff.  Not only is this beneficial for employees, but it is also a rational strategy for the company to ensure precision in productivity.

A mutual cooperation exists between KMS’ Facility & Environment team and external occupational health services in order to fulfil the goals set out for a healthy work environment and safer workplace. KMS also works with local health authorities to identify all negative factors influencing the work environment. The focus of their efforts is on the ergonomic conditions of the workplace and their impact on health. Preventing chronic illnesses and personal accident rates is the ultimate goal from this particular program. Such programs should lead to a greater level of comfort for Kia workers, which leads to improved efficiency.

With more than 2,740 qualified operators and staff in two manufacturing shifts in Zilina and the company’s commitment towards them for a safe environment, it is no wonder the plant is ahead of schedule!

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  • It’s quite a good thing to know that a forum existed where one could talk about your products. By the way, I am ol’Victor Ojelabi, an auto journalist for the name posted, Fortune&Class Magazine from Nigeria, West AFrica. Here is one of my reviews of one of your product;


    Vanity upon vanity, all is vanity. Is this a maxim or a share excuse for a lack of capacity to attain a material goal? Now, I don’t think the Pope would insist on the literal imputation of vanity being all about vanity. There are certainly some toys that are not vanity! I can do anything to defend the interest of my beloved in the face of prosecution. I don’t care what you think, 2009 Kia Borrego Ex V6 is not vanity!

    The 3.8L V6 Sport Utility, out-of-Asia hulk, a 6-cylinder aluminium blocks and heads type, comes with electronically controlled 5-speed automatic transmission. With the total volume displaced by the pistons put at 3, 778cc, you definitely want to queue behind me in raising a thumb up for the giant Mr. Know-It-All!

    Free flow of movement is no barrier to Borrego since its ability to overcome resistance, which bears 267lb, -ft at 4400rpm, is enhanced with a full time, Torque-On-Demand 4WD system. If you think the going is good, then what will you say when you know that Borrego dear has a driving force of 276hp at 6000rpm and the largest and smallest possible volumes in the cylinder that contains fuel and air being compressed stand at 10.4:1 ratio. Well, I guess there is no way you wouldn’t continue nodding your head and come together in holy communion in saying, ‘It isn’t vanity! It isn’t vanity’ even when the vicar suggests otherwise.

    The machine is a front engine, 4-wheel drive type of layout housing double-wishbone, coil spring with shock absorber and stabilizer bar for the front and multi-link, coil spring with damper and stabilizer bar for the rear suspensions to accommodate 4460lbs without fear of doubt in the Kia reliability in stability. A body type of chassis frame of 8 crossmembers to satisfy your palate! Each door is reinforced with steel beams to absorb impact energy and deflect side-impact force. In all sincerity, what more could you have asked for?
    You can be prepared for the full overdose of care because the vehicle comes with a dual-diagonal, split circuit; power assisted braking system (EBD). 12.9 in. vented disc mops, the speed from the front with the support of a 12.8 in. solid disc from the rear matching up 17” tyres w/alloy wheels, not forgetting TPMS (TIRE-PRESSURE MONITORING SYSTEM), the monitoring system which includes air pressure sensors located at each wheel. If a tyre reaches a specified low air pressure, a warning light alerts you.
    I always say Accidents happen, but Kia countered by displaying their Safety first. Safety always. Borrego’s active safety system are engineered to help you avoid accidents, and it’s passive systems are designed to help prevent injury when they are quite unavoidable. This means front to back and top to bottom, Borrego is engineered to help ensure you and your passengers’ well being. An advanced system of airbags is designed to help protect all occupants. Dual front airbags and seat-mounted side airbags guard the driver and front passenger. Full-length side curtain airbags help protect occupants in all three rows of seats and are complemented by a sensor designed to deploy the airbags in the event of a rollover. In addition, V8 models feature a driver’s knee airbag.
    For your information, please. EX models feature heated outside mirrors designed to stay clear in cold weather, a latch system, including anchors on the back of the second-row seats, makes it easy to secure child seats. Now it’s easier than ever to back up, thanks to ultrasonic sensors that can detect when certain objects are behind you. The system alerts you with a series of beeps to help prevent you from hitting hard-to-see objects and in the event of a rear collision, the active headrests instantly move up and forward, reducing the likelihood of neck injury. It would be enviously quite unfair to say the make of this beauty is faulty.
    The philosophy that drives KIA service is based on providing customer satisfaction by “fixing it right the first time”. To ensure speedy and reliable vehicle repair at their KIA workshops, advanced diagnostic tools like GDS (Global Diagnostic System) that allow KIA technicians identify mechanical problems quickly and accurately taking care of the After Sales Service.

    And in an unstable economy like ours, you can afford to rest easy because the SUV is surprisingly economical. The EPA fuel consumption in estimated city and highway are 17 and 21 mpg respectively.

    Therefore, when the foregoing goodies are properly considered, one realizes that the acquisition of some toys is necessary to ease human existence; not vanity, and KIA products are definitely one of them! Not vanity!

    PS: It would be highly appreciated if our URL is linked on your site, thanks in advance.

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