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Convenience features of Venga (Part 1) February 10th, 2010

The name Venga is derived from Spanish for ‘Let’s go’ or ‘Come’ and has a playful connotation like a cartoon character. The for-Europe-only Venga is styled according to the Kia family look and features a wide range of cutting-edge convenience items. We’ll take a look at all of the convenience features and new electronic technologies in a series of three postings. So come on, let’s go, go, Venga!

HAC (Hill-start Assist Control)

Il-young Jang
Il-young Jang
Chassis Design Team 1

When a car stops on a hill and then starts again, it tends to draw back a little. This phenomenon can even cause some drivers to get sweaty palms when the car stops on a very steep incline.

For an inexperienced driver, it takes more time to move their foot from the brake to the gas pedal, increasing the risk of the car moving backwards and causing a potentially dangerous situation.

The Venga’s Hill-start Assist Control (HAC) will free drivers from such risks and worries.

HAC maintains braking pressure for a certain amount of time while the driver moves their foot from the brake to the accelerator pedal. Along with Electronic Stability Control (ESC), the technology prevents the car from moving backwards and allows for a safer driving experience.

In vehicles without HAC, when the driver engages the brake by depressing the brake pedal and then removes their foot, the braking pressure that maintains the braking state is lessened. However, as seen in picture below, vehicles with HAC maintain braking pressure even when the driver’s foot has moved off the brake pedal until the driver pushes on the accelerator.

HAC operates with the ESP (Electronic Stability Program) on/off switch which actively controls the engine torque and braking in circumstances when it is difficult for drivers to control the vehicle, during sudden stops and turns, for example. By designing HAC to become activated when ESP is ‘on’, the driver can control the vehicle’s movement with greater safety.

The next posting in this series will introduce the Venga’s Discharge temperature controlling A/C system. Stay tuned!

  • JG

    You should consider bringing this to the U.S. to replace the Rio. It’s very attractive.

  • Carlos Correia

    Good evening, my name is Carlos Correia’m selling the Kia since 2005 in Portugal – Sintra is a brand that I love, I want to continue working on the brand for many more years always told my friends that Kia will be a very big mark this to happen since the beginning of the sale of the Ceed and here is another big test for Venga we will start selling in March and will continue so I offer my sincere congratulations to great team behind of all that makes me a seller proud Kia

  • JG – We think Venga’s attractive as well! Our entire Kia line-up is following our design DNA, so you should see an improvement on Rio along with that. For now, there are no plans to bring Venga to the US.

  • Peter ( at Bali – Indonesia )

    YES,I think Venga (diesel-engine) should be a winner,especially Automatic Transmision,when compete with other city car,Here. *Minim FUEL consumption is Most important for Indonesian Market **Replace the Kia-PICANTO,because small-car ( is Powerless.

  • Hi Peter — Picanto’s one of our top-selling models! I guess, it’s better suited for some countries than others. Thanks for the comment!

  • Moosemoielk

    Just got our Venga 3 weeks ago –always had Nissan for the last 30 years but the Venga is brilliant!!! Love it