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Convenience features of Venga (Part 2) February 25th, 2010

Two weeks ago, we covered Venga’s HAC (Hill-start Assist Control) which helps drivers feel free from the risk of the car moving backwards. It’s a convenient feature for manual transmission drivers! Today we will introduce the latest A/C system to make Venga’s cabin warm up or cool down faster. Let’s take a look.

Discharge temperature controlling A/C system
Joo-seop Kim, Researcher, Outfitting Design Team 1

Suffocating in the summer and freezing in the winter? That’s probably what all drivers feel when they get into a car during summer or winter. In summer months, car cabins heat up due to exposure to sunlight, while in the winter, it takes a while for cars to warm up and discharge all that coldness. Naturally, we always wish the cabin would cool down or warm up faster.

The discharge temperature controlling A/C system is the latest A/C system that can provide an optimal interior temperature in the shortest amount of time in diverse environments. The system enables swift and accurate temperature control to quickly reach comfortable cabin conditions. In particular, it matches the target discharge temperature and actual discharge temperature in a very short period of time to enhance passenger comfort.

The system is based on the cabin temperature sensor that was used in existing A/C systems to measure the indoor temperature, as seen in Picture 1 and 2. By placing two discharge temperature sensors at vents and the cabin floor, the system works with the A/C system to effectively control the interior temperature.

In testing the system, we set a target temperature of 22℃ and managed to halve the time it takes to reach the set temperature compared to models by our competition.

Furthermore, we enabled the full discharge control mode to enable the discharge of wind from all selected modes. As wind is discharged from vent, floor and defrost modes, cabin temperature adjustments are made more rapidly and in every corner of the cabin.