The coolest customized Kia Souls August 4th, 2014

What’s better than a Kia Soul? A customized Kia Soul. Some of Korea’s best automotive technicians are currently competing to produce the best customized Kia Soul. As part of the Tuning King Korea competition, three automotive technician crews, Dexcrew, Pico Sound, and Chang’s Custom, have been customizing the Kia Soul with specific design directions and specs in mind.

The last episode of ‘Tuning King Korea’ aired on August 2, marking the end of the intense competition with the reveal of the final three customized Kia Soul models. And on August 2, the three final Kia Souls were on display for the public to view at Ansan Speedway in Ansan, South Korea.

Smart Car vs. Race Car vs. Street Custom Car

Team D-Crew (Dexcrew) modified its Kia Soul, named the ‘Smart Spider,’ with a ‘smart car’ concept in mind. The Smart Spider Soul features high-quality audio speakers and even used a 3D printer to produce some parts showcased in the interior. Team D-Crew used the latest technology to keep up with tastes and needs of the youngest generation of drivers.

Team Pico JK2 (Pico Sound) based its Kia Soul modification on every young man’s dream car—a race car that combines speed and strength. Decked out with race car trim, a racing steering wheel, race car tires, and bucket seats, Team Pico JK2’s Kia Soul has enough ‘vroom’ to hold its own on a real-life racetrack.

Team Chang Click (Chang’s Custom) modified its Kia Soul to reflect its more luxurious features—inside and out—for a true ‘street custom’ car look. The team picked fresh colors for both the interior and exterior, decking out the Soul in clean white and electric blue tones that highlight the charms of the original Kia Soul.

The winning crew will be selected by voters online at the Korean voting site from August 4th to 10th. The winner will be announced on August 12th.

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