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Design elements of the new ‘Borrego’ November 8th, 2007

Peter SchreyerBy Peter Schreyer
Chief Design Officer
Kia Motors Corporation

The most exciting moment for me as a designer is to get the first reactions on our new developed products, like now for the Borrego.

The Borrego will be our key to entering the traditional full-size SUV segment and a strong statement of Kia´s intent to attract new customers.

Along with our well established Sportage and Sorento models, the Borrego will round out our SUV line-up and enable Kia to satisfy distinctly different customers ranging from the young, hip and cool to those searching for a more premium appeal.

With the Borrego we will enter into an SUV segment that attracts a more refined target group. This consumer group embraces clean, pure design and associates it with an aspiration for timeless value and quality.

The Borrego

The great overall proportions and design statement that goes much further than just fashionable details will appeal to costumers who are looking for a true, pure and rugged SUV. Tough, rough, and timeless in design – that is the concept of our full-size SUV. Based on our show car Mesa which successfully prepared the ground in this traditional market segment, we abandoned excessive styling and opted for a simple, refined and functional look.

I, for one, vividly remember the instantaneous attraction I felt when I first saw the Borrego in the metal in our testing area. It was a black Borrego with tan leather trim. The interior emphasized our approach on the highest level of fit and finish quality. I was convinced as soon as I drove it! The Borrego as a full size SUV (it’s even a 7-seater) impressed me by its very good handling.

I can’t wait to see the Borrego on the road and luckily we won’t have to wait much longer!

  • Boris

    Looks wonderful. Is it gonna come in dubai, uae? and please release some interior pics and congrats on your first production V8. hope the V8 option will be in the uae and hope that some day the cee’d family would settle here.

  • Tiernan

    Hi Peter, I was wondering how you see the design of the Borrego fitting in with the rest of the Kia ‘family’…particularly with the stylng of the Kee: what are the common design cues?

  • Charlie

    This is indeed a nice vehicle addition to the Kia product line!

  • Mike

    Another wonderfully crafted and designed vehicle! Go KIA!

  • As a KIA sales consultant I am excited about the new Borrego and Soul vehicles bring introduced to our family of vehicles. I spoke with our owner today and he was telling me about the changes that are soon to come about in the KIA lineup. I look forward to the future of KIA sales. Keep up the great work.

  • Boris

    still no interior pictures, and what do you mean by “round out our SUV line-up”? arent you going to design more SUVs? and if possible could you revise the sorento’s gauge cluster and make the readings right side up or use the gages of cee’d

  • Boris

    I’m not sure if its true but there have been rumours goin around that the Kia Kee had a crash when it broke free of its cargo cables or something like that. I really hope that this is not true.

  • A Boreggo prototype has been spotted doing the test rounds in Dubai last month!

  • Boris

    awsome! thanks Chandan! cant wait for it to arrive here

  • Boris – Here’s a link to a Korean blog where you can check out the HM domestic version interior pics.

  • Michael Choo – International PR Manager

    Boris – Yes it’s true. The Kee had a crash while on its way to Las Vagas for national dealer conference.

  • Steffen

    I see a strong alikeness to the chysler- grille in the picture above.
    If this is correct, i would prefer a more “Kia- look”…

  • Boris

    ya. it should have the grille of Kee or the horizontal line-grilles from sportage, sorento, carens. by the way thanks for the interior pics

  • Boris

    the suspense is killing me. when can I see the production Soul without the black dress?

  • Boris

    So the Mesa concept finally tured out to be borrego so that means the soul concept might not be called soul when its in production. right? or is it still gonna be Soul? and when are the pics of the new picanto going to release – the ones taken in Australia.

  • Boris

    Whats happening? Its been a week since something new has been posted here. Tell us how the LA autoshow is going. something about KND 4, perhaps…… something about ex_cee’d and eco_cee’d…… something………………

  • Kiafan

    I suggest that Kia should be more rexponsive to the querries or other comments.

  • Wira

    KIA Borrego has what it needs for the North American Market, the grill might not look like the other KIA lineup, but it owns the KIA spirit, and the market prefers big bold chrome bars..they like it. It seems very Strong. Let’s just wait the performance review of this car, i am sure it will put smiles.
    Keep up the good work KIA design, i see your designs it’s getting more significant than other manufacturers.

  • Aset

    Let me write about Borrego . Please don’t sale it in Kazakstan, Russia,Ukrain with the name. Give us Mohave! Because Borrego sounds like Baryga in russian and it means- drugsaler in CIS countries. Hear me!

  • Mauro

    Fantastic design, I hpo to have this veicle soon in Italy. My compliments ta staff design that have realized this jewel