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Design Sketches of the All-new Cerato (Forte) Revealed July 23rd, 2012

Completely redesigned compact sedan will be longer, lower and wider

Kia will introduce the next generation Cerato compact sedan later this year in its home market of Korea under a new name – ‘K3’ (domestic market only). Also known as Forte in some countries, the Cerato was Kia’s global best-seller in 2011 with more than 445,000 units delivered.

While creating the latest model Kia’s designers and engineers focused on giving the all-new Cerato futuristic and dynamic styling, with a more spacious cabin.

After going on sale in Korea, the all-new Cerato sedan will appear at Kia dealerships in many overseas markets during the first quarter of 2013, to be followed by five-door hatchback and two-door coupe variants.

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  • Karen_brian99

    Hope it;s got reversing camera’s ??  cause you going to need them

  • Kirkew

    It’s beautiful! But.. Won’t the tiny rear windows make the back passengers feel like they are in a cellar?, also how much rearward vision will the driver have?

  • James Cave

    I hope it stays like this. My issue is that sketches and great designs never make it to the final model because they get too conservative. Take the Optima sketch.

    Stunning and so mean looking and aggressive.

    The Optima didn’t come out anywhere close to looking like this in final form. What we got was this…

    Not even close to what the sketch was.

    Also, I hope you don’t over-chrome these like the Optima and put fake vents on the engine sides. Lastly, you need to start implementing LEDs on all models as STANDARD and get HID/XENON lights as options.

  • James Cave

    Design though never looks like finished product. Look how awesome the Optima sketches were and what we got wasn’t that close to the originals. Hope they make this more aggressive like say an Audi A3 (new sedan look)

  • Unfortunately it has to be available in Europe, bad because it is very nice model looks nicer than Kia ceed, if you like sedans. Back similar to the current mondeo

  • Taavi Miku

    Kia’s new design is something to admire. Very nice and balanced. Eye catching.