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Drive to a stronger beat May 14th, 2010

Jung, Woo-Chul By Jung, Woo-Chul
Research engineer
Multimedia evaluation team

One of the pleasures of driving is surrounding yourself with great music.

The latest audio system from Kia Motors includes features allowing you to enjoy music stored in your mp3 player or cell phone.

The options available are BlutoothTM audio streaming and mp3-compatible functions. Or you can simply insert a USB memory stick to seamlessly connect with the Kia audio system.

A powerful bass system is essential to maximizing your listening pleasure. (Especially for people like me who enjoy hip hop music!)

The addition of a subwoofer can improve bass sound, but this entails additional cost. The Virtual Power Bass system from Kia, featuring advanced DSP algorithm, should effectively address this problem.

Using psychoacoustic and signal processing techniques, the system can play frequencies beyond the speakers’ range. The result is a powerful bass sound you would get with a subwoofer.

This is how the system works. Dynamic compression boosts low-pitched sounds that are difficult to hear without distortion. Harmonics that cannot be played by speakers are added using missing fundamental technology to create a virtual bass sound.

With our attention to technology, in addition to design, Kia is finding ways to enhance the joy of driving.

Enjoy great music with Kia!

  • Daniel

    I recently bought a Kia Rondo Ex 2010 in Canada (near Montreal).
    The radio can only read 512 music files from the USB stick , is that normal? I have a 16gb stick with more than 2000 mp3s but I can only cycle through the first 512.

    please respond by email


  • JG

    Please keep the red speaker lights! They’re very cool.

  • Colin

    @ JG

    Don’t worry about that :-) We will even add more color on that!

  • Colin

    Hello Daniel,

    I just forwarded your comment to a researcher who might be able to answer your question.
    I hope he will give me the answer ASAP :-)


  • Ordener

    @daniel: I think I know the answer. the mp3 player can only read fat32 formatted usb sticks. this means it can read a maximum of ~500 files in the root folder of the drive. maybe you should sort the mp3s into folders of under 500 files each and give it a try

  • alastre yuraima

    muy buenas noches mi nombre es yuraima alstre y necesito gran ayuda desu parte, he recivido unos mail, diciendo q eh sido ganadora de una promo kia sorento suv 2010 que se realizo en reino unido de un premio estrella que hay de verdad en esto?

  • Buenos dias Alastre — We issued a warning on our corporate blog ( awhile ago about phishing emails or SMS messages. This particular email does not sound like a legitimate contest, sorry to say.

  • james

    Hi there,
    i preordered a 2010 Sportage in Europe and i’m trying to find out more infos about the navigation system, including the subwoofer/external amp offered as a package with the satnav:

    – how many RMS watt does this system have?
    – what manufacturer is the satnav?
    – what map provider is used?
    – can it play DVDs and can it do it while the car is in motion?

    Thanks in advance for any replies!

  • Colin

    Hello James,

    I have forwarded your question to Kia Motors Europe and as soon as we get their answer, we will let you know.

  • james

    Hi Colin, any news on #8? :)