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Driving Around for Soul in Seoul May 26th, 2010

Pamela A. MunozBy Pamela A. Munoz
Overseas Communication Team
Kia Motors Corporation

A little crazy… you could probably best describe our Soul in Seoul press tour with those words. Most seasoned journalists have driven in big cities, congested traffic, narrow streets, torrential rains and foreign lands. But very rarely do we combine all of these challenges in a one-and-a-half-days test drive!

Here’s a link to Kia Motors Facebook page for more photos of Soul in Seoul:!/album.php?aid=178009&id=362744887557&ref=mf

Kia Motors Corporation hosted a group of approximately 20 journalists, selected by our PR colleagues at Kia Motors France, Kia Motors America and Kia Canada Inc., who arrived in Seoul last week to test drive Kia Soul in its home environment. It was, to say the least, a little crazy.

Seoul is an exciting city and so is our Soul, so what better place to showcase our car than on its home turf. We gave reporters the chance to film, photograph and drive Souls over a day and a half all around the city. It was also an opportunity to enjoy some of the sights and sounds of Seoul, including food, culture and hospitality. There were some great photos taken and some great video clips, like the one from Marty Bernstein & AJ Mueller, here below.

This year, too, Seoul was selected as World Design Capital which adds to the perfect fit to what Kia is accomplishing with our new vehicle designs. Peter Schreyer spared some of his time during his visit in Korea to talk about Kia’s design direction, along with colleagues of design, Young Kim, President & CEO of INNODesign and Ken Nah, Professor of Design Management at Hongik University. The panel discussion was extremely interesting as they talked about the future of Korean design in a global environment. In fact, most of us felt like we were simply eavesdropping on a casual conversation between designers – a real, authentic treat for us!

Enjoy the pictures and I’m sure you’re bound to hear more about this event from journalists, both on and off line.

  • EM

    I saw the photos on Facebook. I think this event is really good~~~

  • Darren

    We wait A replace for the Rio it’s to old the current model and I hope a good model from Kia like Ford Fiesta or Vw Polo and Change the name Rio . Improve the interior Pls Kia Motors .

  • Thanks, EM. We had fun!

    Great feedback, Darren. Thanks for sharing.

  • steve

    That’s.I went looking and found this editorial video of the Kia Soul.!-Wagon-4dr

  • steve

    Here is a better link to the editorial video of the Kia Soul

  • I would have loved to see a longer video of Peter Schreyer; but the pictures on Facebook cover everything related to the event. Good show and it is apt for Kia to focus completely on Seoul. That’s where the soul of Kia rests.