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Dynamax™ AWD system August 30th, 2010

The Sportage is outfitted with a newly developed electronic all-wheel drive (AWD) system.

The newly applied AWD system offers greater responsiveness compared to the previous electronic magnetic coil method and employs an electronic hydraulic motor method that can reduce vibrations and noise to deliver a smoother driving experience. The use of a hydraulic motor allows direct operation of the system to maximize power transmission responsiveness.

The AWD system evaluates road and driving conditions by receiving data signals from various sensors and exerts exacting control over the clutch’s clamping force, allowing for variable control over the driving power that is relayed to the rear wheels.

According to this principle, the new AWD system can offer optimized driving power control depending on driving conditions. During off-road driving, the rear wheel driving power is maximized. It is then minimized for areas with lots of noise and vibration. During driving at high and constant speeds, settings are differentiated to maintain optimum fuel efficiency.

For example, during constant speed driving, the driving power is almost completely transferred to the front wheels. When cornering, driving power is relayed to the rear wheels in accordance to the turning radius and vehicle speed. If one or two of the front wheels slide, an appropriate amount of driving power is then relayed to the back wheels depending on the level of sliding.

In particular, during the ‘Lock’ mode, power is delivered to all four wheels to help the vehicle through adverse driving conditions.

Additionally, to ensure handling stability when the AWD system is activated on rough roads, a handling logic function that distributes front/rear driving power through yaw/lateral acceleration control was added to minimize over- and under-steering and to improve turning ability.

All of these features provide the Sportage with the leading AWD system among competitors in its class.

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  • Robert

    Will this system be available for Canada ?

  • @Robert — The Dynamax system will be available in Canada’s all-new Sportage. You can get info here:
    However, the all-new Sportage is not yet on sale so the site has info about its current model only.

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  • It is good to see KIA is turning into a leader in the industry!!! Great product!

  • At newest Methode Electronics authorised the dividends

  • Jrizzo5

    Isthis the same system in the 2011Sorento?

  • Rob van Hout

    Very interesting !
    Please, ask Kia Motors NL to translate this article in Dutch and put it on

  • Dekeck2000

    I know I am a pain but…I want specifics (not generalizations) HOW MUCH torque can be transferred to EACH SPECIFIC wheel. This data will help me decide what vehichle I will buy next year when I replace my 12 Y.O. Audi Quattro. Thanks …Don.

  • Miracle Aries

    when we will use AWD?

  • Jorge_paps

    I have an AWD 2012 Sportage.. How do I know if it is equiped with this Dynamax system ?

  • CIAO io ho un sorento 2011 e ho capito solo che il motore del sistema dello sportage e’ idraulico, mentre quello del sorento e’ elettrico ma non so’ se e’ =

  • salve a tutti io ho una sorento del 2011 ma il sistema AWD  ha una funzione uguale a quella dello sportage o no