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Enjoy the open sky with Cerato (Forte) Koup August 20th, 2009

By Ahn, Yun Jae
Project 1 Team

What’s it like when you get into your car?
Does it feel roomy and comfortable, or does it feel small and cramped?


We are seeing a growing preference for cars with a sense of openness. In line with this trend, Kia Motors is focusing on developing cars that provide a wide field of vision and openness in the relatively confined space of an automobile. A great way to create a bright and airy interior is to put in a sunroof.


More and more people are opting for sunroofs for added convenience and style.
A sunroof provides increased headroom for the driver and passengers. It also gives you a bigger sense of freedom when driving outside the city. Moreover, driving with an open sunroof will let you enjoy the refreshing outside air.

The Cerato (Forte) Koup development team put much effort into securing openness, which was seen as a crucial element in projecting an airy and spacious feeling and offering a fun driving experience.

In most compact sedans on the market, the motor that operates the sunroof is located in the front, ie, above the driver’s head.

We decided to move the motor towards the back. Although this entailed additional cost, we believed it was more important to get a wider field of vision.

However, shifting the motor to the back of the headliner presented a problem. The motor caused the headliner above the rear seat to protrude and droop.

Because the Cerato (Forte) Koup is a two-door model, the drooping headliner reduced headroom for rear seat passengers.

To resolve this problem, we came up with technology to narrow the gap between the motor and headliner. After numerous CAD design and simulations, we were able to minimize the protrusion and maintain the shape of the headliner.

Countless hours and ideas went into developing the Cerato (Forte) Koup’s sunroof. Providing expansive views of blue sky, this stylish sunroof will give you an experience you’ve never had with other coupes. We hope you reap the rewards of those efforts!

  • The Kia Cerato Koup it’s coming to Europe ???

  • Greg

    Wow! Now the United States Koup needs auto temperature control, Infinity audio and navigation system, and we will be at the dealership tomorrow!

  • A.Jaber

    Thanks kia buzz , great work kia .
    i loved the Koup & i wanted to know if it’s coming to the middle east market where i live in Dubai, U.A.E or not ?
    and if the answer is yes is there a specific date ?

  • John Downey

    Kia Cerato is a great looking car.

    When is it going to get a 6 speed automatic gearbox to keep up with the Holden Cruze in Australia.

    When is it going to get Auto UP AND DOWN feature on its driver power window. I had that on my Nissan Pulsar in 1990. A bit behind the times aren’t we.

    Having the largest boot in the market is great but those old style gooseneck hinges take up some of the space.

    I would look to buy one tomorrow if these things were changed. But then again I am only one of many so probably my ideas will be lost in the ‘too hard basket’ at Kia and nothing will be done to address them. Well I suppose losing one sale would not be any worry. Come to think of it, if they did take notice of my comments maybe more of those buying the Holden Cruze would buy a Cerato instead.

  • Hello John,

    We appreciate your kind concern and interest in Kia.
    Regarding your comment, we plan to reflect customer’s needs on current models and new models.
    I’m not supposed to tell the specific plan, but you will see the one of feature you mentioned in near future.


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