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Environmentally friendly car of the future April 22nd, 2008

By Hyun Jin Cho
Strategy Planning Team
Kia Motors Corporation

Hello. This time I would like to talk about environmentally-friendly cars.

Diverse environmentally-friendly cars are currently in fierce competition to lead the global auto market. Hybrid or clean diesel cars, and cars that run on bio-fuel have taken the early lead, followed by plug-in hybrids and fuel cell vehicles. It’s anyone’s guess which will become the most popular, but one thing is sure, only the winning companies will be able to survive in the 21st century.

Kia Motors has worked on developing environmentally-friendly vehicles for some time now. In 1986, it developed Korea’s first electric vehicle (Besta) and released it on the market in 1993. In 2000, Kia succeeded in developing the country’s first fuel cell vehicle and completed the development of a hybrid electric car in 2005 and began domestic supplies. Based on such efforts, Kia is now pursuing a plan to sell hybrid electric cars to the general public in 2009.

Kia is continuing to take bold, progressive actions. On March 25th, Kia provided Sportage hydrogen fuel cell cars to Korea Energy Management Corporation. Through road test evaluations on driving experience, fuel economy and durability, Kia is spurring on development for commercialization technology.

FCEV Sportage

The hydrogen fuel cell-powered Sportage features Kia’s proprietary 80kW fuel cell stack, enabling the vehicle to run up to 350km on one charge of 350bar compressed hydrogen. Starting the engine and driving are possible in sub-zero temperatures, while a hydrogen leak detection sensor and collision sensor have minimized risks. A wide range of tests, including crash test, have been conducted to guarantee the safety of the hydrogen and electric system.

Kia Motors had a relatively slow start in joining the environmentally-friendly car race. However, as Kia’s strength stems from its ‘We can do it!’ spirit, there’s no doubt that we will pull off a major upset in the marketplace.

  • Andy Miller Sales Manager John Hughes Kia-Perth W.Australia

    Hello Hyun

    I have watched the hybryd and alternative fuel car market with interest for some time now and I think it’s exciting that Kia are working along these lines also. I think electric cars in particular are the way forward. Ian Wright , the founder of Wrightspeed , is doing phenominal things with weight to power ratios and currently gets a 3 second 0 to 60mph out of his x1 model. I am sure you have seen the video footage of this car blowing the doors off a Ferrari F355 . Similarly AC Propulsion have their TZero car and are showing the world how a car with no fossil fuel on board can rival 8 and 12 cylinder monsters on the quarter mile. These people are at the cutting edge of the real future of the car industry and KIA would do well to foster some of their ingenuity and perhaps even work one on one with some of these innovative people . It is much easier to jump on a Tsunami when it is only a ripple , and I truly believe this concept will become a Tsunami.

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  • Hyun-Jin Cho

    Thank you for your interest. I agree with your opinion about an electric car individually.

    I think that ‘dream – the electric car’ comes true ‘the day after tomorrow’. But It is a matter for consideration what car to link that.

    Good luck to you.

  • Jose de Guzman Jr.

    I don’t know much about Hydrogen Powered Vehicles but for the last few months, I’ve seen in Discovery Channel at Natinal Geographic Channel, documentaries about saving the earth against global warming. And one that interest me is Hydrogen Powered Cars, when I saw one documentary it was Honda (no offense in declaring the brand) that presented to choose to give a hydrogen fuel cell-powered car to a family in USA worth 1 million dollars. They are the first family in the country to have the unique car. It was very interesting for a family fuel up only 2 times a week is an advantage, but until now it’s still neglected by the goverment of all countries. It is still a myth to happen for them. I hope that this can also happen in asia.

  • Vitaliy

    А почему именно водород используется в двигателе? При сгорании водород так же выделяет тепло