Experience Award Winning Cars via Awarding Winning Apps July 5th, 2012

Kia has been championing the development and adoption of Kia cars apps to communicate and share product information in a more engaging and interactive ways. Kia recognizes that the proliferation of mobile devices is not a passing phenomenon, but an opportunity to digitally take the car buying experience a step further.

Through apps, people can go beyond the proverbial ‘tire kick’ by virtually expanding upon the pre, actual and post test drive experience with a mobile device. The ‘all-new Rio’ and ‘all-new Picanto’ iPad apps for instance are fully interactive e-publications that allow users to rotate models in 360°rotations, flip through available colors and wheel options; and browse through a plethora of multimedia content and information in a matter of seconds. It’s no secret that this new format has triggered a profound change in business, and automakers have been no exception.

As a matter of fact, in recognition of the excellent design quality of the all-new Rio iPad application, Kia has recently received the highly sought-after “best of the best” award in the communication design category from the Red Dot Design Awards, one of the largest and most-acclaimed international design competitions.

If you haven’t already checked it out, we definitely recommend taking the all-new Rio iPad app for a test drive. It’s available in the Apple iTunes store as a free download.

All-new Kia Rio iPad app:

Released this past November and designed for both European and General Markets, the all-new Rio app is KMC’s second e-publication installment, which takes the Rio’s fine details above and beyond through a truly interactive experience. Users can navigate all things Rio by exploring its sporty and dynamic design, smartly styled interior, innovative convenience features and eco-friendly powertrains. The e-publication boasts a multitude of engaging content that work together to create a true sense of discovery by allowing users to spin, customize, and manipulate engaging simulations that show off exterior, interior, safety and performance selling points.

App features:

  • Available for iPad
  • European and general market specification
  • 360° exterior / interior view
  • Customization tool to view available colors and wheels options
  • 3D intro movie and interactive elements to experience features & benefits
  • ISG Simulation (European version)
  • Photo & video gallery
  • Kia company and design story content

Learn More:

General Market (Middle East, Africa, Central/South America)

  • It is a pity that the application is only for the iPad. Just as the application 
    Kia Picanto or application  new cee’d. Would be more handy application for smart phones with Android.